Wednesday, August 12, 2009


== I just can't STAND geology lecture for two reasons.

Reason 1: we have to sit on hard wooden chairs (they really hurt =( )

Reason 2: Geology goes for 2 hours!!! Come on, even with mobile facebook thats boring!

The subject itself isnt all that bad, but the way it is implemented is horrible!!!


Friday, August 7, 2009


^^ It's been a long time since i actually drew something. This isnt something major more like a pic to go with a blog post.

I've got myself a tablet PC (toshiba m750). Although paint is a horrible drawing program, i'll look for some drawing programs which come as close to real pen and paper.

Having to scan each drawing is too difficult and since i use my tablet frequently, i can just upload drawings from there =)

So I hope I get a good drawing program (maybe photoshop =S?) and get down to drawing!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is my first official blog post =D YAY!

Well the reason why i started a blog is cause i've been getting some positive resp
onse from my flickr account drawings.

Since Flickr is for photos and stuff, i thought i would start my own blog dedicated to those little cartoon characters (which after 3 years still have no name... we came close to an official name once, but never made it happen)

I also have an msn space, but i find that a bit a too personal to throw out into the world.

So now i'll upload my previous pictures and caption them =)

This was an earlier version of the drawings, it was done a while back. But this style slowly died out cause the newer ones were more "liked"

The boy and girl angel were me and my best friend =D since she was the creator of these (well the very first version compared to these are very different) and i developed them to what they are now, we were the only people who were allowed to have angel wings =)

Yea, during high school (especially HSC years, my mood was rather unstable, im all like "yea" with happy hands one moment then when we get assessments i feel stressed (hence the hanging and hiding)

Soon the drawings got out of hand, some friends wanted drawings of themselves so here they are. What i like about my friends are they all have a very different personalities. But somehow, we all still mix =)

The most recent drawing is this one. I drew it so i can use it on my msn space. Yea its basically a collection of the most recognisable things i do at UNI.

I look forward to doing some more drawings prob is that UNI is a bit more tense than high school, i cant really doodle in class anymore. but i'll squeeze some time out!

Cya ppl!

P.S I know my formatting is a bit dodgey but bear with my im still getting used to blogger =)