Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas is.... HERE!!

Hello Everyone...

Looks like this blog is going to be silent for a long time... no viewers... no comments... *sigh*... wish someone would visit and leave a comment. DON'T WORRY!! I don't virtual bite!!

Anyways, there has been a lot of drawing going on at home =) you'll be glad you came to visit this blog today =)

Let's begin with the whole picture of the crop earlier this month!:

A little info of the pic, this pic was draw much earlier in the year. As i remember, it was drawn in my friends lecture... I was tagging along a molecular biology lecture and i didnt understand... So i started drawing ^^ Who's the girl? Original creator of the cartoon people =) I'm the developer =D... it has changed a lot since we just started... I must upload the primates of the cartoons XD

Now, to the next christmas card i've done:

This one is a version of my family. Dad's on the left, me and my brother at the bottom of the tree and Mum on top of the tree.

We printed these off and sent them to our relatives overseas by mail. I think they prefer ripping open a letter rather than opening their inbox (some of them don't even have an inbox...)

And finally, we have the friends version!!:

Slightly disappointed by the poor quality scan... All the faces look very pale =( when they are not pale!! To be honest, i hate colouring in... its so tedious and boring... On the tablet (which i screwed up when upgrading to windows 7!!) colouring is just using the bucket tool =) done in an instant!! But i still can't get the same proportions as pencil drawings =(

So back to this christmas card, i sent these by email. You know, us generation Y are all stuck to our computers and treat thunderbird like our letter boxes =) well at least i do.

So thats all the christmas-y stuff i've drawn up... I have other drawings done, but they are not relavant to christmas =P They are already on my facebook account and flickr account though.

==" Ive there are ANY readers out there, please drop my a comment... Its very boring seeing "0 comments" all the time...

Merry Christmas and PLEASE stay safe!!


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