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Christmas is around the corner, what have you done to celebrate? Get started by decorating your blog with animated snowflakes! Keep reading for the HOW TO!

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I’ve noticed that many of my posts go one for AGES and AGES… to the point where one post just fills my whole blog page. I’m sure it annoys people quite a bit that they need to read my column to see my previous blog posts.


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I love android. ALOT. Ever since my first android phone, I’ve been fiddling around with this and that. But at some point, I hit the one little bump. Why is the screen so small?! Sure PDFs can be reflowed to fit the screen, but some PDF’s are just images of words, and that doesn’t work.

I’ve played with android on a desktop. But how will it go on a tablet pc which utilizes a touchscreen? How to install after the jump!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Found out what i did after the jump!

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Sorry, I’ve been missing for quite an extended period. Just finished exams last week and have been pretty busy catching up on doing things I left undone before the exams. My ALMOST capped internet isn’t helping either, I’ve had to resort to using the internet only after 12 midnight or before noon =(

So how have you been? Drop a me comment! I have some interesting and celebrate worthy things to tell you all after the jump!

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ok, just a quick blog post (hence the MS paint)

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Are you an android user? Do you follow the trend of android? If you have you’ll notice the news of the rumoured “Nexus 2”. So far from what I’ve gathered, its going to be made by samsung. At the moment, I’ve only followed the threads in the Nexus one forum and the most “reliable” source I have read is this one:

What does Nexus one owner think of the Nexus 2/S? Read more :)



EDIT: God damn it! the first pic isn't animating!

First off, I’d like to say a big thank you for visiting my blog for more than 1000 times :) Sure, some of them are from me for viewing without signing in, but still this is quite a momentous occasion!

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I’ve been _VERY_ busy for the last few weeks due to UNI assessments, Just this week I’ve had a record breaking 7 assessments (which I feel i have done horribly in :(  ). So I’ve been piled under books, studying… trying to keep up

Friday, October 8, 2010


Who is this?

Yes, I just learnt how to add polls to my blog posts! This will be useful don’t you think?! ^^
Anyway, do you recognise that person? i sure hope you do, I don’t have that much characters!
Today is Carmen’s Birthday. Yea, she’s one year older and one year closer to becoming this!
old carmen
Yea sorry about the MS paint job, still working on other stuff. But that is a dead give away on who the first pic is of!
Let’s celebrate this occasion with some cake:

of course, I’m not that stingy. I actually got her something physically holdable. I’ve wrapped it up nicely and will give it to her tomorrow when I see her (yes! a gathering!)

I thought plain wrapping would be pretty boring, so artist me steps in and added some origami flair to it:


Last year i also decorated it with origami:


Its nice to see Carmen likes the wrapping, I still see it in her room ^^

Jokes aside, I hope Carmen has a great birthday (and hope she got her free drink from chatime XD). Best wishes!

I don’t have a comments please pic. Sorry =(

I just noticed making 4 posts a month will not equal 52 posts a year! *GASP!!* So to up the post count, I’ll share some things I’ve been working on in my free time. But since there are so much things I need to do this qould be hard!
I’ve decided to draw up a chibi Mazda Furai. But after starting, I couldn’t resist taking this idea further. I ended up deciding to do a fan-made ad for the car.
So here are the main pic I did first:
light only


rear view

Initially, I only had one drawing (the first one). But seeing that one pic is severely lacking for an ad, I decided to do a rear view and eventually another front view:

front furai 1

So now that I have 3 pics, i managed to make some short animations:




EDIT: The gifs don't seem to load =(

^^ All of these drawings follow my drawing theme so they don’t feel completely left out.

So far, Ionly need to nab some official furai engine sounds, some tire squealing and the final “zoom zoom” part from an official mazda ad to be done. I do have the main foundation done for the ad though!

I look forward to sharing the final version here with you all! I should (if things go to plan) have this done within a week! It will have its own post (to make up the extra posts) I hope to see you there!


black with headlight

Yes… that is the comments please thing.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Yea that’s basically what I look like as I type up this blog. Today I'm going to talk about group work. I’ve been so fed up and frustrated working as a group at UNI. I can safely say that I’ve only had 2 enjoyable groups in my 2 years at UNI.

I know this makes me sound like some loner, but its just so annoying. I try to work my best in groups because I know that I can potentially cause the group to fail. So, I don’t let myself slack off. If its an individual task, I can safely let this assessment slide cause its my own work. Can’t say the same about group work.

So today, we were organising a time to have a group meeting (after postponing a meeting meant for today). No-one seemed to have any idea what to do after we postponed the meeting. So I kindly suggested that we email what times were were available:

Here’s me:

my email  

Team Member 1:


Team Member 2:


Team member 3 (the one who proposed to postpone the meeting):


NO. I’m not happy! Are you blind or illiterate? I TOLD YOU I WAS UNAVAILABLE ON WEDNESDAY! I mean if you proposed Friday, that would seem logical as no-one has said they are unavailable on Friday. But seriously, Wednesday? Pfft.

See this is what gets me irritated. Sure this might be a slight mistake, but there have been so many cases that piss my off in group works. Its mostly the people that piss me off:

1. International students (really FOB ones anyway)


I don’t want to be mean, but internationals REALLY make me angry.

I have a cousin who’s an international, so I’m pretty familiar with what they have to go through to get into UNI. First off, there’s that IELTS test, then there’s the foundation courses.

I would believe if you passed IELTS AND managed to pass the foundation courses, that your English is capable of at least basic communication.

NO. That is not the case. E.g i asked one of my international team members to do the results and his answer?: “What results? what do i do?”

Ok, I’m pretty pathetic with some content, but I know what's going on in a lab. How could you not know what results are?!

2. Hardcore local partiers


Translation: the assignment is fine (no it’s not German, its drunk speak)

Sure, having a life besides UNI is important, but should it cut into OTHER people’s time?

These guys just ditch their work and expect everything to sail smoothly without any work >=\

3. Enthusiastic members


Shit, these people are probably one of the worst.

It’s probably easier on you if they are working on a section above you (i.e you rely on their section). But if its the other way around, god help you.

They will nag you until they get the results they want and they nit-pick all anything.

4. The silent one


The name is quite self explanatory.

These group members don’t say a thing. No contribution what so ever.

Some silent ones are better, they do the work, send it over and leave it. Other need to be pushed to work.

5. Me:- the perfectly sane and organised one.


Working with these insane people puts a lot of pressure and stress on you.

I’m usually the one that allocates the work and tells people what to do (in a nice, non pushy way of course). Problem is, no one seems to do the same. They all slack off and send me stuff at the last moment.

Even worse is when one member slows down and one or more team members are relying on their work to continue (its happened to me… we finished the night before the assignment was due)

So when now that ONE member is sane and organised, the others are put into reality:


The international starts translating every word on the page. And at some stage, they get their part done.


Translation: it’s fine

The drunk somehow manages to finish their section too (although usually dodgy and crap)


The anxiously waiting enthusiast finally gets the results and by this point, the work is finally chugging along nicely. Which is good


Hopefully, the silent one hasn’t hid somewhere and they do the finishing touches

VOILA~ the assignment is finished a few hours before it is due. Isn’t that nice == So in the end the work is done, but i would say it could be done better. I KNOW it could. But no-one seems to work in a team that well.

This brings me to the end of yet another rant. But hey, at least I got this done well!

comment drunk

Translation: Comments!


Sunday, September 19, 2010



I hope that picture hasn’t scared any of you off! But I’m just very angry at the moment.

I have a quiz tomorrow and so far NOTHING has been working the way i want it.

Dad has been hogging the desktop for the last 2 days and I’ve had to use my laptop to study. Fine. Thats normal.

But what’s irritated me most is what Mum is doing. She has a job from a friend. And it involved word processing. So her lack of computer knowledge means I have to help. Meaning it cuts into my study time.

So I did a proof for the woman (the client not mum). And she’s like:

“Oh, i was working on it my self see for yourself.”

*opens the file* and its basically a shit job. *sigh* I tell her that the formatting is horrible and she asks me what I would do. So i tell her what I would do and why (well because the whole world follows similar conventions)

Her: Oh ok. We’ll format it to your way.

So i send her another proof and shes all like:


“Hmmm… I don’t like that font………………………………. (ten minutes later) and that should be put there…………………………….. (ten minutes later) no, it was better back there”

She then opts for times new roman. which in my opinion is the fugliest font that someone can use on a menu. I tell her it look “bland" and too common” trying to move her to something a bit more modern.

No… more opinions… more changes… and many of them could have been done earlier.


WHY DIDN’T you bring this up earlier?!?!?!?!?!? GRAAAAAAHHHH!!!

So in the end, she FINALLY made up her mind. I had to push her so much to get a final, definite firm answer!



Like she (client) has no knowledge of word processing, formatting and printing in general but insists that we follow the ugly, unorthodox method of making a menu…. it drives me nuts!

If you have no idea how this is done, then let me do it from ground up. Don’t budge in and try chucking in weird ideas. NO. it doesn’t work.

It’s driving me mad and seriously, if you don’t have anything productive to say. DON’T say it. SIMPLE.


Don’t make me angry… Leave comments and no-one gets hurt.

Sorry for the psycho post. Just needed to vent a little ==.



Thursday, September 16, 2010


I’ve had this comic strip for a while, it was done but never coloured. So i took the time to colour it in today. Its pretty long!

I noticed there is nothing between dinner and sleep. there isn’t really much, just another computer session =) enjoy!

EDIT: It won’t enlarge anymore… if it does it gets blurry. Stupid Picasa! Don’t compress my pics!

If you find the picture hard to see from blurriness, click the link (its still small though =[ )

From Windows Live Writer


Sorry, there’s not comment pls thing… just let that slip =P Is your daily grind like mine?




Don’t I look smexy as a girl XD… Yea, see that sounded wrong and disturbing. It’s exactly how I feel when I see girls that dress up and look like guys. It’s so unnatural.

I’ve seen a lot of girls like this at uni. And for some reason, it seems to happen most with internationals. I don’t see local girls doing this at all.

Basically, they all look like this:


It doesn’t necessarily go for girls, most international guys dress like this too. If they wear glasses, its DEFINITELY one of those thick plastic frame ones.

So what made me do this blog post. Well I was walking to a tutorial and was staring at the ground in front of me. I didn’t notice I was staring at someone’s legs. When I did eventually find out, I noticed it was very white and pale. I took notice cause some “aunties” I know said I’m pale for a guy etc etc. (I think I lost some of my tan since UNI…)

Anyway, I was like “OMG that dude has the whitest legs EVER…” little did I know, “he” was going to the same tut as me. While waiting for the tut to start “he” walking into the girls toilets. And that was when I noticed, he wasn’t a guy. Could you imagine my face?!


I mean that’s just SCARY. Does this mean at one point in time, I’ll need to ask people I just meet at UNI if they are a guy or a girl? It’s awkward when you get people like this mixed up. Example scenario:

SCENARIO 1: THE PERSON IS A GUY (but you don’t know):


So you’re at a nice bar and have a nice conversation going, and you think its time to compliment the person.


Me: “You got a nice pair of legs, they’re so white and smooth” *winks*


Obviously, guys don’t take something like this well… especially from another guy.


SCENARIO 2: THE PERSON IS A GIRL (but you don’t know)


Again, you have a nice convo going, you think its a little tense so you make a funny remark (well you might think its funny…):


Me: “DUDE… you know those International girls at uni? They are FLAT…” *wink and laugh*


Guess some people can’t take jokes… LOL

On a serious note, I didn’t REALLY mean that. It’s all just an example. I mean, I don’t even go to clubs and meet new people that way *I’m so lonely XD*

Perhaps, I’ve grown up with stereotypes, this is what Men are like in my mind:


Muscles is optional since i lack them XD… And Women are like this:


Excuse me for being vulgar and obscene. But BOOBS definitely help differentiate men and women. REALLY.

That being said, this is probably the reason why I get so disturbed by girls dressing up like that. To me its like seeing a guy in women clothes:

manwoman Which isn’t too appealing.

That brings me to the end of the blog post =) Do you agree with me? Am I the only one that gets a little disturbed by people who cross dress? COMMENTS PLS!

commentI’m sure this proves my point, REAL cheerleaders look much better.