Friday, April 23, 2010



I figured that if I wanted more regular viewers and visitors, I should at least have more frequent posts.

This is difficult but in a way rewarding as well =) I sure hope you guys are enjoying these short comics.

Anyway, I think I have been a little to self-centred… I’m always covering myself and my drawings are all me… So I think its time to introduce you to my friends!

I’ll be introducing them through the drawings by an interview. So here’s my BEST friend Carmen:

From Windows Live Writer

We aren’t really like this, just thought I should give her credit as the the real creator of the drawings. We also don’t fight over who these belong to =P

Last frame was supposed to be a blackout with a spotlight on me only to cut Carmen off from saying anymore XD

More interviews to come soon =) keep an eye out for my blog!

Monday, April 19, 2010


From Windows Live Writer

Hello again!

I’m very happy to announce that I have received my first ever comment on this blog!

The apostrophe” commented on my previous post with my emotion drawings.

I can’t describe how happy I am to get response from someone (besides the people I know of course!). Its such a hurdle from the quiet and lonely blog from last year =D (a bit of exaggeration, but cut me some slack XD)

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous and historical day of my blog, here a comic strip (I don’t do these often!) of how I responded to the first comment (ALMOST how I responded…)


From Windows Live Writer

Its much more efficient and effective colouring in this way… my drawings look good and well the colours are great and accurate =) ahhhh… the wonders of photoshop! Guess this is how things are going to get drawn and coloured then!

Anyways, keep the comments coming, it motivates me to keep the blog up to date with drawings!

[EDIT: Oh no!! the comic is blurry =( it looked better before posting... ]

[EDIT2: Made the pic smaller, at least it aint blurry anymore… hope you can still read it…]

[EDIT3: After arranging my picassa web album, all the pics didnt show up. They wouldn’t load, so i fixed them up and now your able to view full size when clicking on them!]

See you later!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

From Windows Live Writer


Oh dear! It seems that I’ve just left this blog abandoned for a while… That’s not good =( Considering last post was during Christmas!

I’m sorry. I’ve been caught up with UNI work and haven’t been able to do much. This semester is a bit more hands on…

Its still very quiet around here… no visitors (or at least it seems that way!) no comments. Quite discouraging to be honest…

Well, here are a bunch of pics i drew up and coloured in photoshop. I think its the best looking colour drawings i’ve done. I can’t get the proportions right on the tablet and i’m a horrible colour-in-erer

Here a drawings of different emotions. i plan to use them on my facebook profile to show others how i feel =)


From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer

Deep depression:

From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer

Thats it for now. I noticed, i might need to draw one for being sick, but thats not something i want or get often =)

Thanks for the support!

See you soon!