Saturday, April 17, 2010

I’m sooooooo sorry!

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Oh dear! It seems that I’ve just left this blog abandoned for a while… That’s not good =( Considering last post was during Christmas!

I’m sorry. I’ve been caught up with UNI work and haven’t been able to do much. This semester is a bit more hands on…

Its still very quiet around here… no visitors (or at least it seems that way!) no comments. Quite discouraging to be honest…

Well, here are a bunch of pics i drew up and coloured in photoshop. I think its the best looking colour drawings i’ve done. I can’t get the proportions right on the tablet and i’m a horrible colour-in-erer

Here a drawings of different emotions. i plan to use them on my facebook profile to show others how i feel =)


From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer


From Windows Live Writer


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From Windows Live Writer


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From Windows Live Writer

Deep depression:

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From Windows Live Writer

Thats it for now. I noticed, i might need to draw one for being sick, but thats not something i want or get often =)

Thanks for the support!

See you soon!


The apostrophe said...

these turned out really good! aww they're so cute!
I still think you should create a comic strip tho. ^__^

FC1032 said...

Oh! My first comment!!

Thanks for commenting =)

Since its such a historical (LOL) day today! I'll draw a comic strip of me receiving a comment =D

Thanks again! Your continuous support will encourage me to keep drawing and blogging =)

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