Friday, April 23, 2010

Let me introduce you to my friends =)



I figured that if I wanted more regular viewers and visitors, I should at least have more frequent posts.

This is difficult but in a way rewarding as well =) I sure hope you guys are enjoying these short comics.

Anyway, I think I have been a little to self-centred… I’m always covering myself and my drawings are all me… So I think its time to introduce you to my friends!

I’ll be introducing them through the drawings by an interview. So here’s my BEST friend Carmen:

From Windows Live Writer

We aren’t really like this, just thought I should give her credit as the the real creator of the drawings. We also don’t fight over who these belong to =P

Last frame was supposed to be a blackout with a spotlight on me only to cut Carmen off from saying anymore XD

More interviews to come soon =) keep an eye out for my blog!


CarmenNguyen said...

YES, we will become famous... and you give me half the money!~ haha

FC1032 said...

We'll see, we'll see! We need more vistors of course!

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