Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Welcome to my weekly post! I wasn’t able to post yesterday night because Dad was on the desktop and that's where the scanner is located. Sorry!

Anyway, “what’s with the paper bag?” you say? Well that brings me to the title of the blog: “Haircuts and earphones”. We’ll cover earphones later.

So I was going to Carmen’s event and my hair basically made me look like a mop. So naturally, I would go to the hairdressers to get it cut.

Problem is the hairdresser NEVER listens to what you say. I’ve tried bringing pictures, describing it and all, but it NEVER turns out how I want it… So this is what happened at the hairdressers:

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Ok, so maybe I’m not half bald, but its not something I completely agreed to.

And I can’t argue about how UGLY I look after a cut cause well, I can’t yell at someone to make my hair look good… Unfortunately.

Funny thing is how (in real life) the hairdresser kept emphasising how it looked good on me and stuff… LIES!

My head doesn’t look AS BAD after a shower, which is nice cause otherwise someone might think I’m trying a Lady Gaga look… as a guy…

Speaking of music, I had a status on facebook a while ago: “How do my earphones get so tangled in my bag? Do like the Left earphones make out with the Right earphone or something? Jeeze, those knots are beyond what I would do normally!”

Its quite irritating really, sometimes I tie them up nicely: in organised half folds, then quarter folds. Sometimes I jam them right in my bag… And yet either way they end up like dissected jellyfish. I suspect this is what happens after I put them in my bag:

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I hope you got my lame jokes =P If you did you must be one of my awesome friends… If not, read it a few more times, I’m not teaching you jokes!

And that brings me to the end of my weekly post. Here’s my comment pic (still no idea what I should call this…) No, I’m not holding up my middle finger, its my index. It just looks that way. But if makes you feel better knowing its the middle one, use your imagination =)

See you soon!

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Friday, May 21, 2010


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Welcome to my weekly blog post!

Oh dear, don’t I look bad with baggy eyes?? O_O.

Well first off, Uni has been VERY tense over the last two weeks. They’ve been throwing assignments, reports and quizes at us very frequently.

It seems the lecturers have worked together in find the most painful way to organise assignments: making them all due on the same day (or two). A week ago, I had something due in everyday… It was hell =( Couldn’t go to table tennis with Carmen cause i had assignments and presentations etc etc.

Basically, i felt like I had no life =( and this was what i was like (mostly)

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I still remember in High school how all people above us (ex-students, parents and the latter) say UNI is so free and easy. LIES!!

And with that I have to apologise for not being able to do a comic strip =( I have a big plan for drawing a daily grind comic but thats going to take a while.

My friend (who has yet to be interviewed in my comics) suggested i could do that in parts, I think that makes people impatient and upset if I don’t meet a deadline. I’ll share that once its done though!!

She also suggested that I should do a short animation just the pics since all the emotions are there. I’ve seen a good animation done by “community channel” with just paint and that does seem appealing to me. Again, I need a little more time for that. I’m not so sure whether I should be voicing it… I’m not so happy with my voice XD

So in conclusion, I’ve got many ideas which I want to bring to life, but UNI is still running (until the 23rd of June for me). So until then, I’ll probably have less frequent posts… or really dodgy ones anyway… So here’s my first official feedback request pic (need a better name, community channel’s, pornomusic/comment time sounds much more awesome than this!). Cya soon!

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I probably should have done this blog last week since the drawings were done then. But I got lazy (sorry!) and forgot.

So I finally decided to upload some of my drawings onto DeviantART. Its a large community or artists, photographs and the like.

I quite like the community really, I’ve received lots of feedback pretty much instantaneously since the things are put on the main page for everyone to see.

They also host competitions. They have a Alice in wonderland themed one running now. Here’s my two submissions (which don’t seem to be so popular…)

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The red queen… funny gal =)

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My favourite character, the white queen, she’s so floatsy and mindless (well appears that way anyway!)

I doubt these will win, just thought I’ll have a shot at doing some new drawings instead of me and my friends. Good practice!

Speaking of themes, I’ve decided to start a THANK YOU theme where i draw a pic which encourages people to gimme response =)

The pic below wasn’t really part of this theme (since it was drawn before I had this idea) but it still goes ALRIGHT

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my weekly post =) pretty on time don’t you think?

Cecilia pointed out to me that its kinda hard to read the word in the comics… Yea, I’ve been trying to find a way to solve that. Problem is, the scaling (like I said last time), its either small, medium, large or original size. There is a free scaling option, but that always makes it blurry. The given sizes are too different, so i try to choose the best one.

I’ve now tried to post it onto Picasa first, so you can view it from there in full size and have a smaller thumbnail to look in at the blog. Let’s see how that goes =P

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Well, I’ve tested it a few times myself, even though it looks blurry in the thumbnail, you can now press it and it will take you to Picasa and you can zoom in and view it clearly! =D

Anyway, the story behind the comic. My friend from High school: Erica, hasn’t been attending any gatherings we had… since High School, which was 1.5 years ago!

Anyway, she started a convo about how she was in hospital and stuff.. and we never knew. I was kinda disappointed she didn’t tell us about something like that!

Erica’s the one on the bed, the really tall dude is Kevin (he really cares about Erica… his a little quiet today cause his sad =P)

So here’s a comic as a get well kinda thing =)

Please let me know if the comic view thing works for you! As in if it takes you to Picasa and if you can see it right.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello everyone!

I’m more than delighted to share that I have at least ONE fan XD. Her name is Cecilia and she often uses my drawings as her display picture on facebook.

To show my thanks and gratitude, I’ve put her in my next friend interview comic. This one is short, but it hits the point!

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Cecilia, if you see this, I just drew you off how I remember you. Might be a very different image to what you look like now… So sorry if you don’t like it =(

Also, while I’m apologising, I’m sorry I can’t keep the comics in a similar size… I’ve tried manually dragging the comic, but then its blurry. I can only select small, medium and large to keep it clear… and well they vary quiet alot.

While I’m blogging, I’ll throw in an extra pic i took to show how picky my characters can get. Come on! I’m just trying to make you look pretty!:

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Just got news from a friend thats she’s been in hospital. So I’ll be making a comic for her as a get well kinda thing =)

Anyways, I’ll get started on the next comic, since I have a feeling its gonna be pretty long =) or at least interesting!

See you soon!


P.S One more thing, if you’ve added me on twitter or facebook, please leave a message saying you added me from this blog or something. I don’t want to reject friend requests by accident =)

Monday, May 3, 2010


Well I’m trying to get a post done each week.

Gotta admit, I’m just lazy!

Anyway continuing on with the Friend Interview series,  Here is James. I did my friends in random order. Its mostly because I have to find their most amusing side to show you guys =)

Again, this is slightly exaggerated, but I only base my stuff of reality (mostly XD)

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Hope you enjoyed! I’m not too sure about next weeks post… I do have something due everyday next week =(

In other news =) I have found a Fan of these drawings! You know who you are! CECILIA!! I plan to make here the guest of the next interview… but I haven’t found an amusing side to her (YET)… I could make her the fan of the bunch (No pun intended Cecilia!!)

Here is a little drawing a did for Cecilia to show my support towards her studies =)

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For those who do not know Chinese, that means “add oil” its a slang term used to show support!

Hope you enjoyed this interview!


Bye bye!