Friday, May 21, 2010

Arrrgggg!!! i have no life!


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Welcome to my weekly blog post!

Oh dear, don’t I look bad with baggy eyes?? O_O.

Well first off, Uni has been VERY tense over the last two weeks. They’ve been throwing assignments, reports and quizes at us very frequently.

It seems the lecturers have worked together in find the most painful way to organise assignments: making them all due on the same day (or two). A week ago, I had something due in everyday… It was hell =( Couldn’t go to table tennis with Carmen cause i had assignments and presentations etc etc.

Basically, i felt like I had no life =( and this was what i was like (mostly)

From Windows Live Writer

I still remember in High school how all people above us (ex-students, parents and the latter) say UNI is so free and easy. LIES!!

And with that I have to apologise for not being able to do a comic strip =( I have a big plan for drawing a daily grind comic but thats going to take a while.

My friend (who has yet to be interviewed in my comics) suggested i could do that in parts, I think that makes people impatient and upset if I don’t meet a deadline. I’ll share that once its done though!!

She also suggested that I should do a short animation just the pics since all the emotions are there. I’ve seen a good animation done by “community channel” with just paint and that does seem appealing to me. Again, I need a little more time for that. I’m not so sure whether I should be voicing it… I’m not so happy with my voice XD

So in conclusion, I’ve got many ideas which I want to bring to life, but UNI is still running (until the 23rd of June for me). So until then, I’ll probably have less frequent posts… or really dodgy ones anyway… So here’s my first official feedback request pic (need a better name, community channel’s, pornomusic/comment time sounds much more awesome than this!). Cya soon!

From Windows Live Writer


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