Saturday, May 29, 2010

Haircuts and Earphones.

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Welcome to my weekly post! I wasn’t able to post yesterday night because Dad was on the desktop and that's where the scanner is located. Sorry!

Anyway, “what’s with the paper bag?” you say? Well that brings me to the title of the blog: “Haircuts and earphones”. We’ll cover earphones later.

So I was going to Carmen’s event and my hair basically made me look like a mop. So naturally, I would go to the hairdressers to get it cut.

Problem is the hairdresser NEVER listens to what you say. I’ve tried bringing pictures, describing it and all, but it NEVER turns out how I want it… So this is what happened at the hairdressers:

From Windows Live Writer

Ok, so maybe I’m not half bald, but its not something I completely agreed to.

And I can’t argue about how UGLY I look after a cut cause well, I can’t yell at someone to make my hair look good… Unfortunately.

Funny thing is how (in real life) the hairdresser kept emphasising how it looked good on me and stuff… LIES!

My head doesn’t look AS BAD after a shower, which is nice cause otherwise someone might think I’m trying a Lady Gaga look… as a guy…

Speaking of music, I had a status on facebook a while ago: “How do my earphones get so tangled in my bag? Do like the Left earphones make out with the Right earphone or something? Jeeze, those knots are beyond what I would do normally!”

Its quite irritating really, sometimes I tie them up nicely: in organised half folds, then quarter folds. Sometimes I jam them right in my bag… And yet either way they end up like dissected jellyfish. I suspect this is what happens after I put them in my bag:

From Windows Live Writer

I hope you got my lame jokes =P If you did you must be one of my awesome friends… If not, read it a few more times, I’m not teaching you jokes!

And that brings me to the end of my weekly post. Here’s my comment pic (still no idea what I should call this…) No, I’m not holding up my middle finger, its my index. It just looks that way. But if makes you feel better knowing its the middle one, use your imagination =)

See you soon!

From Windows Live Writer


james said...

hahaha....sooo cute! u should go ct to cut ur hair next time, i went to this place where they took this whole book full of haircuts for me to choose from... i was like "wtf???" O_O""

Mylifeasacomic said...

Did it turn out like you wanted?

Christopher Tan said...

hehehe...I hope you really didn't turn bald on the top.

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