Friday, May 7, 2010

I have *holds up fingers* 1 fan!


Hello everyone!

I’m more than delighted to share that I have at least ONE fan XD. Her name is Cecilia and she often uses my drawings as her display picture on facebook.

To show my thanks and gratitude, I’ve put her in my next friend interview comic. This one is short, but it hits the point!

From Windows Live Writer


Cecilia, if you see this, I just drew you off how I remember you. Might be a very different image to what you look like now… So sorry if you don’t like it =(

Also, while I’m apologising, I’m sorry I can’t keep the comics in a similar size… I’ve tried manually dragging the comic, but then its blurry. I can only select small, medium and large to keep it clear… and well they vary quiet alot.

While I’m blogging, I’ll throw in an extra pic i took to show how picky my characters can get. Come on! I’m just trying to make you look pretty!:

From Windows Live Writer


Just got news from a friend thats she’s been in hospital. So I’ll be making a comic for her as a get well kinda thing =)

Anyways, I’ll get started on the next comic, since I have a feeling its gonna be pretty long =) or at least interesting!

See you soon!


P.S One more thing, if you’ve added me on twitter or facebook, please leave a message saying you added me from this blog or something. I don’t want to reject friend requests by accident =)


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