Thursday, May 13, 2010

My friend was in hospital!


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my weekly post =) pretty on time don’t you think?

Cecilia pointed out to me that its kinda hard to read the word in the comics… Yea, I’ve been trying to find a way to solve that. Problem is, the scaling (like I said last time), its either small, medium, large or original size. There is a free scaling option, but that always makes it blurry. The given sizes are too different, so i try to choose the best one.

I’ve now tried to post it onto Picasa first, so you can view it from there in full size and have a smaller thumbnail to look in at the blog. Let’s see how that goes =P

From Windows Live Writer

Well, I’ve tested it a few times myself, even though it looks blurry in the thumbnail, you can now press it and it will take you to Picasa and you can zoom in and view it clearly! =D

Anyway, the story behind the comic. My friend from High school: Erica, hasn’t been attending any gatherings we had… since High School, which was 1.5 years ago!

Anyway, she started a convo about how she was in hospital and stuff.. and we never knew. I was kinda disappointed she didn’t tell us about something like that!

Erica’s the one on the bed, the really tall dude is Kevin (he really cares about Erica… his a little quiet today cause his sad =P)

So here’s a comic as a get well kinda thing =)

Please let me know if the comic view thing works for you! As in if it takes you to Picasa and if you can see it right.


Anonymous said...

o dear... wut happened?

Mylifeisacomic said...


While I don't know too much details, Erica told me she had an infection in the intestines.

So she's been lying in the hospital for quite some time =)

Thanks for commenting =) Keep an eye out for my weekly posts!

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