Friday, May 21, 2010

So I discovered DevianART


From Windows Live Writer

I probably should have done this blog last week since the drawings were done then. But I got lazy (sorry!) and forgot.

So I finally decided to upload some of my drawings onto DeviantART. Its a large community or artists, photographs and the like.

I quite like the community really, I’ve received lots of feedback pretty much instantaneously since the things are put on the main page for everyone to see.

They also host competitions. They have a Alice in wonderland themed one running now. Here’s my two submissions (which don’t seem to be so popular…)

From Windows Live Writer

The red queen… funny gal =)

From Windows Live Writer

My favourite character, the white queen, she’s so floatsy and mindless (well appears that way anyway!)

I doubt these will win, just thought I’ll have a shot at doing some new drawings instead of me and my friends. Good practice!

Speaking of themes, I’ve decided to start a THANK YOU theme where i draw a pic which encourages people to gimme response =)

The pic below wasn’t really part of this theme (since it was drawn before I had this idea) but it still goes ALRIGHT

From Windows Live Writer


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