Monday, May 3, 2010

This is James ---> (^_^) V


Well I’m trying to get a post done each week.

Gotta admit, I’m just lazy!

Anyway continuing on with the Friend Interview series,  Here is James. I did my friends in random order. Its mostly because I have to find their most amusing side to show you guys =)

Again, this is slightly exaggerated, but I only base my stuff of reality (mostly XD)

From Windows Live Writer

Hope you enjoyed! I’m not too sure about next weeks post… I do have something due everyday next week =(

In other news =) I have found a Fan of these drawings! You know who you are! CECILIA!! I plan to make here the guest of the next interview… but I haven’t found an amusing side to her (YET)… I could make her the fan of the bunch (No pun intended Cecilia!!)

Here is a little drawing a did for Cecilia to show my support towards her studies =)

From Windows Live Writer

For those who do not know Chinese, that means “add oil” its a slang term used to show support!

Hope you enjoyed this interview!


Bye bye!


Airline Freak said...

Haha~~ awesome! but i think it should be "OMG! An Airbus 380!!" :O ...concordes dont fly anymore :(

FC1032 said...

Oh... I chose concorde cause they look awesome and well they seem "rarer" than an airbus...

Oh well =) theres room for improvement then!

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