Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost had a car accident! (O_O)”


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Welcome to my (yet another random) blog post! Yes! I was almost involved in a car accident yesterday and I was driving =O. Yes, that picture up there isn’t to scale (as are most of my drawings… you can’t even fit my head into the car)…

Anyway, you might be thinking: “meh, Asian drivers can’t drive”. == While I agree SOME Asians can’t drive MOST of the Asians I know are alright. BUT! I was not at fault. In fact the other driver was completely wrong and INSANE!

So here’s what’s happened: Mum, my brother and I were in the car, driving to the city at night (we were only a few streets from home when this happened) and we come up to an intersection like this (we’re the silver car):

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The car on the right is supposed to stop and give way (well that's what stop signs are for…)

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So seeing that the car on the right had stopped and indicated they were turning left, I continue on at the same speed.

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*Drives straight ahead past the car on the right*

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And that’s when a speeding green car came from behind the black car and went onto the other side of THEIR road in attempt to pass the black car and pass the intersection (WITHOUT STOPPING!!!):

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And there I was thinking I was seeing things… “Why is that car on the other lane… its a two way street…”

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I don’t think that car knew I existed until well, we were basically next to each other!

So in drastic attempt to steer away from the car, I turned to the left to avoid them:

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And in all that chaos, I had a brief look to my right to see how far off we were from hitting:

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I was so shocked to see that their bonnet was right next to my door! Luckily, we narrowly escaped collision. If we were to have hit I think I wouldn’t be typing this up to share!

After a deafening screech of the brakes, we were glad to see we were alive… The green car have steered to their left to avoid collision too (thankfully):

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After realising what had happen, I turned to look over my shoulder to see if that car had stopped. Obviously, I was ranting about what had happened in while turning to look (As I always do).

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When I finally found where they were, I saw that they had stopped to see if there had been collision. Seeing they were still there, I sounded my horn to let them know I was going to get off and talk to them (more like rant at them and tell them how shit drivers they are). But before I could get off to do ANYTHING, they drove off ==

So since I was going to get off the car, I checked to see if there was any damage (we heard the car brakes creak under the sudden stopping and thought it might have been something else).

As mentioned, there were no damages.

THAT is clearly WRECKLESS DRIVING. They were putting heaps of peoples lives at risk (us, the black car and themselves). They drove past a stop sign without stopping, they drove on the other side of the rode AND they were speeding!

I’m glad no-one was hurt =) but hope nothing like this happens again! So after another lengthy post… what do you think? COMMENTS PLS!:

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I have an exam tomorrow, so I need to get back to studying == see you soon!


CarmenNguyen said...

WHOA... thats a bit like my accident, just mine was in peak hour in the daylight!! Happy to see you're tsill alive :)

Mylifeasacomic said...

YAY! I'm alive!!

Guy Chambliss said...

Whoa! That's a close call! Good thing no one was hurt and no cars were damaged. It could have been worse you know. Even if we are careful, other drivers are not. By the way, I love your drawings. It's a funny way to tell the otherwise harrowing story, haha.

Mylifeasacomic said...

Thanks Guy :)

I'm try my best to get my drawings up :( Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you around more!

Raleigh Crowl said...

Phew, that was close. I know accidents happen on the road, but I don’t think something like this can be labeled as such. I would understand if an accident was caused by a faulty part of the car or unforeseen hazards on the road, but reckless driving is inexcusable. People who are at fault because of their wanton disregard of road rules should be held responsible for their actions.

Guadalupe Puthoff said...

It’s saddening how reckless driving seems to be a common occurrence in spite of the danger and possible law charges. What’s even worse is that some drivers don’t really seem to care and just speed away. I hope that these reckless drivers can learn their lesson and be careful.

Mylifeasacomic said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Let's hope nothing like this happens again on roads... I'm wondering if we did have an accident that day... would the driver have drove off?

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