Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exams… and the new Iphone 4


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I haven’t neglected my blog =) I’ve just been busy with UNI and haven’t had the time to draw up anything over the weekends. So if you’ve been sitting at home refreshing my blog to see a blog SORRY! (pfft, i don’t have fans like that…)

Anyway, I’ve been studying for this exam I had today…

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I’m not the most dedicated and efficient studier thanks to facebook and the internet in general… But I do get frustrated at myself for getting distracted, but still do it. The weird weird things of UNI =S

Anyway, what’s more weird is when your in an exam and this happens:

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See? You see a pattern! And when I see a pattern like the one above or a series of “A”’s or “B"’s it starts to make me panic because I think: “There’s no way that they’ll make the answers look so pretty” and then you get paranoid at that pattern… thinking you’ll end up getting everything wrong.

I can’t say definitely how well I’ve done for this exam, but I left out 2 or 3 question that I couldn’t do. I want to pass this unit of study!!!



Now the other part of the blog: The new Iphone 4

In other news =P, The new iphone 4 was announced to day and overall, its very underwhelming.

I like the look of apple products, but that's about it. I do however, get really annoyed by its marketing and advertising.

Just take a look at the press release:

“images and video look sharper, smoother and more realistic than ever before on an electronic display.”

I would definitely praise their new high res screen =) It does look gorgeous in pics so far

“iPhone 4 is the thinnest smartphone ever–9.3 millimeters”

Wow that's impressively thin =)

“The front and back are made of aluminosilcate glass, chemically strengthened to be 30 times harder than plastic, more scratch resistant and more durable than ever”

That sounds industrial and all pro =) I’ll pass you on that one…

“iPhone 4 is the best mobile device ever for games and entertainment”

If you’ve played close attention to all these quotes, all of them that bla bla bla “ever”… That gets so freaking annoying. I know it makes the device sound high end and all but can’t you find better phrases or words?

If I was my english teacher from high school this would have FAILED from excessive repetition.

Not only that, the specs of the phone itself aren’t that surprising.

1Ghz processor from the Ipad on a mobile phone: That’s not anything new, Android’s and Win Mob has been using the 1Ghz snapdragon for a while

5Mp cam, flash and HD recording: That’s definitely even more “not new”, phones from Sony ericsson, LG, Samsung have all had 5Mp cams or more for ages. Sure, Megapixel count isn’t always a good indication of quality, but if Apples going to boast about a 5MP, it needs to know that there are plenty of good camera phones out there (with HD recording too)

Video calling: If i recall correctly, in the intro video they said it makes communicating with family members and friends more intimate and is the “best ever” way to communicate(once again). If not exactly, its similarly phrased. Even if the quote is wrong, video calling has been around for ages too. Although i never used it on my phone, it unfortunately will become popular cause Apple has made it “magical and revolutionary” as always.

Multitasking: Its kind of funny how in previous Iphones they make it seem like its not a necessity and say its bad for battery life etc etc. Now they implement it and call it a new feature and make it sound all awesome and stuff. See dodgy marketing again >=(

That new OS looks very coarse and unrefined compared to previous version. it seems to be a quick “lets throw all the new things in” job. Must be that crappy looking waterdrop wallpaper thing =(

Here’s what happens when a customer know all the specs of the new iphone goes into the apple store:

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Customer: Hi, what’s new about the new iphone 4?

From Windows Live Writer

Customer: Don’t new android phones have that already?

From Windows Live Writer

Customer: The nexus one has a second mic and most of the features you’ve talked about already, there’s isn’t anything completely new in the Iphone beside the high res screen and gyroscope right?

From Windows Live Writer

*Customer walks away*

Unfortunately even with all its underwhelming features, Apple will still sell heaps of iphones. I have to say its almost created a religion. Iphone users get so defensive when you say a phone is better than theirs. Kind of like when someone says god does not exist. You know… its a touchy subject.

For now, I will be happy with my Nexus one =) its definitely on par with the Iphone(s). This is all my personal opinion though, you can still by an iphone, but i thought I’ll let you into how i see it.

That brings me to the end of the lengthy blog (LOL rant more like). I’ve still haven’t finished my daily grind comic, but progress is 50% more or less. I should be able to get a comic done this weekend and the week after, but we’ll see. I also know my drawings seem a little off in the proportions, I was trying to use a finer tipped pen and that didn't work out well… and i haven't drawn in a while… COMMENTS PLS!:

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Anonymous said...

but it can record 720 videos....wow does that mean its videos are as good as those high res movies ?? my camera's video camera is completely blurry.

Mylifeasacomic said...

Quality will be high, but probably not as good as movies =)

You'll need a proper cam with good lens and sensors =D

Anonymous said...

omg the exam! I was annoyed at all the drawrings we had to do i mean 1 or 2 is fine but 4! really!

lols totally agree with your iphone rant VERy underwhelming indeed !!

btw haircut comic = awesome!! XD

Mylifeasacomic said...

Haha at "Anonymous" I know who you are XD.

Yes, the drawings were overkill =( I was like: raise boring? yea I know that! then every other one i was making up things with my vague memory =(... Overall I missed like 2-3 questions (mostly the surveying ones, which were worth alot ==)

I hope I do well (Pass is fine!!) for this exam/course O_O I would hate to redo this unit of study ><"

Thanks for your comment ^^ 3 comments in one post is definitely the most I've had! (4 including this one)

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