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Exams so far & Cityrail Rant

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Welcome to my series of irregular blog posts! Its all because of exams, like I said, so I’ll be doing blogs whenever I have time.

But the good news is there’s only one left!! I don’t like how my exams have went so far. I can’t say how well I’ve done, or how bad because I honestly don’t know myself. I haven’t been able to finish all the questions, but that's a common thing that's happened in all previous exams.

I’ve missed roughly a third for all exams so far and that’s why I’m worried, cause there is definitely NO WAY I can get everything I have done right… So now I’m worried about failing =(

From Windows Live Writer

Now to that Shittyrail  Cityrail rant

I’m sure we all agree that we’ve pretty much never liked Cityrail, its inefficient, bad conditioned and in general: crap. But all this has been very “general”, honestly, I’ve only ever experience a major delay ONCE in my memory. Sure this is probably line dependant, but I wouldn’t completely hate Cityrail from this experience.

But on my way to my Structural Mech exam on Tuesday (15th), things got much more personal, meaning I was the one to feel the shitiness of Cityrail, first hand.

So I was lining up to buy a return ticket, and then a new counter was open. So naturally, a bunch of people at the end of adjacent lines went to the new counter (me inclusive).

So when I got to the counter, I saw it was this poof I’ve had a bad experience before. Out of instinct, I said I wanted a weekly ticket to redfern instead of a return and handed him a $5 note.

Then this happens:

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Literally, he waved the note in my face from behind the glass. I mean, sure, I made a mistake saying weekly. But you could have just said either: “$5 isn’t enough for a weekly, its $15.50” or “Did you mean a return?”. Not stand up and wave the note in my face.

I kinda didn’t notice I said weekly cause I normally buy weekly. So I just apologised and admitted that I did mean a return. And he just kept making a face of disgust and mockery…

I mean shit dude, you just opened a new window for less than 5 minutes and your moody already? What are you like at the end of the day? A female tyrannosaurus with PMS or something? he was lucky he had glass between him and me otherwise:

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Nah, Jokes, you know I’m not a violent person and in reality this is what I do:

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Yep, say sorry, walk away and dip my head in shame…

So then I sat in the train, thinking of how I should structure my complaint letter… I came up with a couple of good phrases, and there was a brief structure but that was it. Then It was the exam =(… yea bad way to start the day.

So after the exam, I went onto the Cityrail website to look for a contact address, but to my surprise, they had a online complaint form you could fill out (probably there cause heaps of people complain… like me)

So I typed up the story with my first experience (I've tried avoiding this particular staff member, but I didn’t know it was him on the day cause of the long line) with that poof and that incident, and sent it to Cityrail and demanded that I wanted a response (not just, whinge whinge whinge, and no response. No point if your not getting a response really.).

Obviously, I wasn’t expecting like a years worth of free rides or like 1 mill in “mental compensation”, I just wanted to let them know that that type of attitude should not be anywhere near customers.

So just before getting these pics and blog typed up, Cityrail customer relations replied to my complaint:

Dear Mr Ho,

Thank you for your feedback regarding staff behaviour on 15 June 2010.

I was most concerned to read about the behaviour of a CityRail staff member at Hurstville Station, and apologise for any offence caused.

RailCorp has a Code of Conduct which clearly outlines the minimum standards of behaviour expected of all employees in the performance of their duties. RailCorp takes action with any employee found to have breached the Code, which may include performance-counselling and disciplinary action.

Customer feedback provides a valuable means for us to monitor staff performance, and I can assure you that I have brought this matter to the attention of the station's Customer Service Manager for review and action.

If you wish to discuss this matter further please contact me directly on (02) 8922 0404, and quote case file reference number 5670141.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us.


Yours sincerely,
Priscilla Rees
Case Manager
RailCorp Customer Relations


So basically, its just the people apologising for what has happened. But I’m a little curious on what “disciplinary action” means (but you know, “which may include” doesn’t mean it will happen) … Either way, I just hope that staff member has learnt his lesson. I mean, the other staff working at the same time, same place all have a better attitude than you. I can’t find any reason why you should be bad tempered and impolite. Sure, you don’t have to be all cheery, talkative or hyper, but at least be normal!

Just for fun, here are some of my favourite lines from my complaint letter:

“I did not ask for his name or details, nor did I want to ask due to his rude attitude.”


“If this staff member cannot come to work with a nice and polite attitude, he should not come to work at all.”


“I want this staff member to know that this type of customer service is appalling and downright rude. I hope he will learn from this feedback form that he should be more patient and polite if he were to continue in any job requiring customer service.”


So that brings me to the end of this blog and rant. I must say, my blog posts are much longer when I rant! My last exam is on the 23rd, I might be able to throw in another blog between now and then. Hope all goes well! COMMENTS PLS!

From Windows Live Writer

(i was trying for an angry threatening face…)


Cya soon!


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lolololololol interesting read, i like ur comics, makes it more engaging ;)

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Thanks =)

Did you mean I should keep doing the comics in comic strips (like a big picture)? Or is throwing random pics in a blog post enough?

I've been a little lazy and haven't been doing long comic strips =P

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My last exam is on the 28th- on your birthday

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LOL so funny

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