Friday, July 9, 2010

Annoying Kids; Your not cute




*Sigh* I’ve gone through one week of working all 5 days. I must say, its very tiring!! I don’t even do 9-5. just 2 hours each day. But the 2 hours is very busy and you know, Asian employers don’t let you stop.

Anyway, let me explain the title. Well, I get very annoyed at parents who let their children wonder around in a cafe, restaurant or any public area. I’m not saying they can’t socalise in a park or something, but in a restaurant, the kids wonder EVERYWHERE… and eventually get pretty close to me/us, and god know where they’ve been and what their hands have touched!

SOME kids are ok, but some can be annoying. Let me show you a nice effective way to handle this!:


So here is a nice Office lady (OL) trying to have a pleasant meal… All posh looking place and nice location… Then:


Some random kid(s) walk up to you and stare (Note: that isn’t me… I just like those colours…). I always wonder what their thinking about when they do this.

BUT! Whatever they are thinking about, its quite disturbing having a kid (or anyone really) staring at you like that.


What’s worse is the kid does something to get your (and probably their parent’s) attention. This can range from crying, whining or rolling on the floor.

Its very annoying because people around you instantly think this kid belongs to you… Shit, kid you ain’t cute doing that. And here’s my remedy:


Take your bag out and search through it.

The kid will think: “OMG candy!” and will make a “Puss-in-boots” face so you give them candy or something… NOT CUTE (Puss is much better!)

When the kid is close enough…


BAM!! Spray them with pepper-spray!!!

LOL, of course, this is all a joke. We don’t want kids to roll on the floor crying…. Wait they do that without pepper-spray.

But on a serious note, I SERIOUSLY think that parents should look after their kids properly… I’ve seen some poorly disciplined kids.

So that brings me to the end of a rather quick post. I haven’t been on the computer (desktop) much, because its world cup and Dad is hogging the comp for emails… I’ve had to turn to my hobbies to kill time (refer to previous post for details). Sorry the pics aren’t clickable, I’m too lazy to upload them… they’re simple pics anyway! Not comic strips. Now hurry up and comment (COMMENTS PLS!!) before the crazy women sprays you:




CarmenNguyen said...

hahaha... i commented.. dont pepper spray me!!
Yea, I hate kids when they do that. I sometimes smile back, and they cry back at me... yea, sad much. But yea, all i did was smile, and they came back to me with a cry. *sigh* kids these days

Mylifeasacomic said...

Pepper spray them... that is the answer to everything!

Hi! how can i help you? *pepper spray*

In your case: *kid cries* *pepper spray* XD

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