Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I went for DAYS without facebook =)


Hello! Sorry I don’t have a cover and finishing pic for this post, instead, I’ll be posting diary/logs of what happened when I wasn’t on facebook for a few days.

So, last month, I capped my internet one week early. You know that is kinda painful, loading pages take forever and well, it just sucks =(

Out of curiosity, I thought I’ll quit facebook till my internet renews (which was about 7 days). In the end, I didn’t do the full 7 days, on the last day, I logged on to see if there were changes to a party organized by me =)

Lets cut the crap and see what I’ve wrote!


Day one

From Windows Live Writer

YES =) the 28th of June was my birthday!

I celebrated with lots of people =) With my friends, I celebrated once on the 27th and once on the 4th of July. With family (and their friends) on the 28th. I think this is one of the most celebrated birthdays!


Day two

From Windows Live Writer

Hmmmm… Not much to say about this one, I rant about Dad enough


Day three

From Windows Live Writer

Again, not going into the Dad’s thing.

BUT! I do hope the court case ends soon, its been half a year and its STILL going!

The defendant has 28 to provide any more evidence to the judge, then another trial will happen (hopefully the next trial will end this misery…)

LOL at the judge XD

Day four

From Windows Live Writer

Hmmmm, yea that burn is healing now. Some of the scab area is peeling off and LUCKILY, there seems to be no scar so far =) It doesn’t seem to hurt at all either!


Day five

From Windows Live Writer

And this is the final facebook free day =P

I actually like this post very much =) So anyway, here are some pics of my origami ^^ yes, these are my own made models, so they are the only ones on Earth!!! (wow that sounds so awesome!)

Red rose

This is (so far) my favourite pic of my self made rose =) To be honest, it was an accidental shot. I never realised it will turn out this good looking XD

Black rose 1

Here’s another one. This time its black! People on flickr seem to like this one more (not sure why), but I personally like the red one more

Here’s a little secret I’ll let you see, I haven’t even posted this on flickr yet! Its a pentagonal version of my rose! Shhhhhh, don’t let anyone know about this ;)


Enough of the roses, here’s a pic I took to test out the camera and settings.


I currently use it as my wallpaper. Mum suggested that the boxes were placed to orderly, but I think it looks OK now.

And finally:


This one was edited in Photoshop. Carmen was doing Partial black and Whites, so I decided to give it a try. Orange is my favourite colour so I coloured that one!

You may notice that I have dark backgrounds on most of my pics… I like my pics like that ^^ makes it look clean. Maybe I’ll grow out of it after using my camera more.

So this brings me to an end of a length blog post. I’ve noticed my blog posts are getting longer each time. I should break them into smaller posts or something =S

Anyway, please comment (my comment pls pics are on the diary entries)

EDIT: I’ve finally found out how to make my blog post area wider! Now I can put in larger pictures!

Cya soon!


Amit Agrawal said...

You have one of the most interesting blog posts i have ever seen :) Its totally unique :)

Keep up the good work! I will keep visiting here.


Mylifeasacomic said...


I'll keep the posts coming! Hope to see you again soon!

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