Monday, July 19, 2010

Rea’s Birthday <=)



Oh… My body is still a little sore from yesterday’s party/gathering. Its quite a unique gathering we had! Let me try to cover most of the details!

Anyway, it’s Rea’s birthday tomorrow and we celebrated early because some of us have Uni today. I don’t think I’ve done a friend interview for Rea yet… but' I’ll go over that a little now:


First off, Let me say a big happy birthday to Rea! (of course I know its tomorrow… but we’re not too far off 12 midnight now!)

Rea is quite an amusing person, she’s into anime and horror movies! (I’m kinda into that stuff too!) But! She has a very fun personality and makes a good grudge!:


I actually have a real pic of her being the grudge (from high school, and one of her facebook profile pics are grudge-y)

So that's a brief cover for Rea (I know I’ve been lazy and haven’t really done much more friend interviews…)

So here’s what we did yesterday: Ice-skating and dinner. Ice skating was alot of fun and it left us all very tired afterwards! I’m a great skater!!:

skateLOL jokes, I’m not that good… But at least I kept myself safe and didn’t stack it!:

skate2I’ve had a bad experience with skating… I was skating once and a person practicing spins cut my leg =( yea… it was quite scary. I’ve also heard people get their fingers cut off when they stack it and leave their fingers out…

Here’s some a pic of us on the rink! (yellow closer to us is Rea, the other yellow is Carmen, brown in front of us is Chris, black on the left is… James?):


Anyway… After that we headed to our organised place for dinner. But it turns out it was on holiday (Moral of this story: always book ahead… or even just call to see if they are open). If your interested in going there here’s a link we referred to:


Bad thing was it was located in a quiet street with no other choice (well there was a thai place next door, but we never eat thai and it looked dodgy…). So we went back to Chatswood for dinner (ended up having Korean)

Carmen had to leave early so me and Chris left with her (she might get lost, kidnapped, killed etc etc XD)

So yea, that's about it… I know my drawings are a little crap… haven’t drawn for a week ==” Rea wants comments! (Actually I do… you know…)




CarmenNguyen said...

LOL>...... yea, book before hand. JUST TO MAKE SURE!! Overall, it was a good night... not bad with sore pains afterwards... but its all good.

Mylifeasacomic said...

^^ Ice skating was fun!

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