Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekly post: Black & white



Why black and white you say? I’m at UNI that’s why == To be honest, I kinda like seeing the printed lines, it makes me feel like I’m back in school!

Holidays are over and if you’ve been keeping a close look at my past posts, you’ll know I’ve been helping out at a takeaway shop =) naturally, this means that I’ve had a little income:


No, seriously, just a little. I'm not rich! But I’ve become stingier with my money just cause its hard earned!

In my spare time, I’ve been folding a lot of roses out of paper. I’ve been perfecting my pentagonal one I showed you earlier, not much success yet, but I know I’m close to achieving my goal! Here’s the latest version:

C360_2010-07-20 22-51-35

Unfortunately, I’ve been practicing/experimenting too much on this one and forming the petals caused it to rip. In future folds, I’ll definitely need to wet fold!

This semester I really need to work hard. I did miserable last sem and can’t afford to mess up again! Who knows what the consequences will be then!!

Actually, last sem i was doing quite well… up until the final exam. For one subject I had a 90+ average :( *poof* its gone!

So I’ll need to add oil!! (refer to previous posts for definition) *ties up head band*

add oil

So for this sem, my study plan is to actually do the tutorial stuff (questions and stuff) before the tutorial. Hopefully that way I understand more and won’t fail miserably again. *spank spank* work!!


But i was a bad boy last sem… Skipped many lectures and crammed right before a quiz (it did work! but this habit was bad for the finals and my results show =(  ). But why would I skip lectures? Cause they are boring. There’s a person in front and they talk. YAK YAK YAK… == And when I’m in a lecture i get distracted!

Culprit 1:


A pacer and rubber. That’s enough to make me not listen and draw all over my books.

What do I draw? Well isn’t it obvious? == they attract other peoples attention too, which is embarrassing and bad since they won’t learn either!

Culprit 2:


Daydreaming. So when people start staring at my drawing ridden page, i flip it over and look at the lecturer. I listen for a while then i notice myself to focus on other stuff and think:…

“oh look at that lamp… it looks nice. I could use one of them in my room!”

“Why is there so much noise outside? HAHA I wonder if people are going to randomly run across the room!”

“What’s that girl talking about? *eavesdrop*”

“That’s the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen!”

“is that guy wearing nail polish?! (don’t laugh, I’ve really seen a guy with nail polish on his toe nails… navy blue O_o)

Yep, I’m easily distracted

Culprit 3:


My phone. You might be surprised this isn’t the number one culprit. I mean there’s EVERYTHING on my phone. Games, videos, pics, apps STUFF.

Reason why this isn’t the first couple of culprits is it openly gives away the fact that I’m not listening or paying attention. Some lecturers get really angry if they see you playing with your phone. That is why I strategically sit up the back behind people XD.

Just today I managed to get wi-fi working on my phone. Before it wouldn’t work outside of the sci-tech library. Thing i did today was simply walk out of the library without disconnecting my connection!

It managed to stay connected for most of the time away from the library (had no connection in the first room, had connection in the second, then lost it and couldn’t connect again). So its very patchy, but it kinda works. Hopefully this doesn’t mean this will happen to me:


Nah! I’m quite adept in texting/using my phone while walking. I haven’t walked into anything while doing that (Nor have I been hit by cars)!

OH! one more thing I’ll like to share: If you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you wouldn’t know much about tablets. if you are living under a rock, get googling pls. Sure the most popular one around now is the Ipad, but there were PLENTY of tablets before the ipad *looks over to my tablet*. Problem is the previous ones were all that refined and definitely needed to be slimmer, lighter and to the point.

So *drum roll* here’s the Notion Ink –Adam. Quite a weird name, but it is quite a device. It has a special screen: it can be used as an LCD and (wait for it…) can be used as an e-ink screen! So basically, it has a screen like a normal computer and it can switch to the screen similar to the ones on e-readers (Google it rock dwellers!). Energy consumption is 20% lower too!

The screen is called Pixel Qi and isn’t actually made by this company. If you have a netbook, you might be able to swap out your screen for one of these special screens

Its portable like the Ipad and will run android (no access to the market apparently =(  ) Its quite a good looking device (and well specced!) So I definitely know where my hard earned money will be going at the end of the year!

Here's a pic and link if your interested

LOL at sudden advert from me. Just thought I’ll share some amazing tech with you :) I like using things that are unique!

So, I’ll let you know how my study plan thing goes at the end of the week. I’m quite busy this coming weekend, so if I’m not lazy, it should be up by Friday. Anyways, please leave some comments:





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