Tuesday, August 31, 2010




Hehe, I managed to slip in my final (forth) post for this month! Still a healthy 4 posts per month!

Speaking of slipping in something: something humorous happened to me at UNI. Last Thursday, we had an assignment due. Due to the lack of proper directions from the lecturer and the need for some specific standards, I was not able to hand it in on time (bad!!) So I managed to get things done a day late (meaning i lost some marks as well =(  )


It wasn’t an easy process, it took me ages to sift through google searches and in the end, i just bought the textbook (which also took ages to find the required section). What’s worse was the book shop at our UNI was closed for stock take, so i had to walk half an hour to the next closest one. But in the end, I pulled through and finished (a bit dodgy but correct, but better than handing in crappy work but on time I guess)


It was quite a nice feeling being able to finish (LOL drop me a nice comment for the Jap ad inspired GIF)… even If I was late. So then I took the train JUST to hand this stupid assignment in… So I slipped the assignment under the lecturer’s door (he was not there)


I know that’s not a door, but you get the idea. So after that, I went home. On the way passing the board of lecturer names, something came to mind. That lecturer is the wrong lecturer (he was a lecturer for my other subject).


So i rushed up there and knocked on the door (even though, I knew no-one was there…) Knowing this was it, I just left and pushed the thought to the back of my head.


But the thought would just come out of no where to haunt me and mock me. I did leave it in the end, since there was nothing I could do during the weekend.

Luckily, today, I managed to get my assignment back and hand it to the correct lecturer. i told him about the incident yesterday and it was nice of him to not take further marks off for being MORE late. Good outcome =D

Happy 2

On a more serious note, my last two blog pots have not received a single comment. Where are you guys?!


This blog post was done a bit rushed (hence the old pics and repeats). But hey, no-one is giving me comments, so i don’t know what you guys want =P. So leave me some comments or even better follow me =D


Yea, comment section is downwards… Silly me. Follow button is upwards =D



P.S Android users, Cyanogen 6 stable release is out!~

P.P.S Mazda has a new concept: Shinari. I’m a mazda fan =D


Friday, August 20, 2010



Guess who got a fully animated blog post?! Not as in video animation or something… just all animated pics…


I’ve noticed my blog posts are long and contain lots of big pictures. So for the sake of your bandwidth and attention, I’ll keep my future posts shorter


Anyway, this blog post is about computers =) I’ll cover how the computer(s) are used in my family

First of, I’ll need to hand my medal of “most time spent on the computer” to dad >=(


A few months ago, he managed to get in contact with his primary friends and he got all ballistic and stuff and often flew overseas just to “bump” into them. Surely, this was uncalled for and obviously a waste of money (his flown a few good times already)

So now that his calmed a little down, he spends most of his time on the computer replying to emails and in general browsing the web. == but now he literally sticks to the computer whenever he can. Example, I walk away from the computer (doing HW or anything) to go to the toilet, get a drink etc, he would slip on and not get off >=(

Sure, I can just use my laptop and such, but its a great hassle to have to get everything settled again on another computer!

Well at least he knows how to operate the computer in the most basic ways. He once woke me up in the middle of the night (at 3am) because he didn’t know how to turn the computer off.

Now to my brother:


His only a small kid, so his knowledge of computers isn’t great. Since he is the smallest in the house, he also has the less privileges and needs to ask when ever doing anything.

So it is common for him to keep asking me if he could download this and download that… quite annoying really. Plus! his list of things to download seems to grown exponentially ==



By far the least user of the computer at home. She often brags to me about her various achievements: fast typing, various software certs etc etc. but ironically, she has a hard time opening USB and in general using word.

I’ve laughed at her about this, you know with all those certs, she can’t do the basics. Defensively, she says the software she used in the past were much older and date (yea…)

Recently, she called me up while i was in UNI because the keyboard suddenly stopped working. obviously, i couldn’t really help much in such a small time frame, I couldn’t tell if the problem was hardware or software base. Since mum’s lack of knowledge couldn’t provide me much details besides “it doesn’t work *smacks keyboard* see?”

In the end, I came home retarted the computer and it worked. Mum said she had done the same to no avail =S the computer must like me:


Then there’s me:

You know me: blogger, flickr-er, deviantart-ist, facebook addict the lot XD…

Anyhow, that’s the end of the post =) better not screw up my first ever animated comment pls!:




Friday, August 13, 2010



First off:


Sorry!! I know my weekly posts are not very organised and come randomly… But the good news is that I’ve tried to make longer and better quality.

As you may have noticed I’ve managed to create an animated GIF… Ok I know I look like I’m poking my eye. But its supposed to be a sincere gesture of apology =(. I look forward to making more animated pics for the blog! You might also notice the blog has gone through some renovation =) I’ll post an update with the before and after thing.

Uni is becoming a little tense again (assessments already?!) and I have a part time job now =) just continuing on at the take away shop. like mentioned I haven’t been looking after “paper me” (that is the name of my character… LAME) and he has been a little angry. He started ranting at me and I feel really bad for completely neglecting him:


(yes this is from one of my previous posts). I’ve noticed he hasn’t gone anywhere really. I mean his always stuck to the white back ground with friends or props. I would be bored and angry at me too. So I took him on a trip to the real world =) here are his vacation pics:


Mouse riding! Bull riding is a little rough for his fragile little paper arms. So he settled to riding the mouse and surfing the web =)


Disco. Paper me is good at picking up chicks with his cool pick up lines like.. ummm… oh… he doesn’t have any =(


underwater fishing… I’m not completely sure how that works but he wanted fishing… so he got it =S No he didn’t catch anything, my fish are too smart to fall for that!IMG_20100812_230400


Photography lessons. I didn’t let him take any pictures with my camera… hope he won’t get angry at me for that. he did like looking into the lens though… not that there was much to look at.

So yea, I think he enjoyed his visit to the real world =) Happy face!

Now to something that happened at UNI:

So you know those friends you make for group work? I’ve made a few good ones over the last few sems. But you know how after first year, people branch off to different subjects and well, you don’t know them anymore? yea…

The other day at UNI, i bumped into one of those “better friends” meaning he was one of the closer friends at UNI but not CLOSE… Normally, I pretend I can’t see these type of people because its awkward. There’s nothing to say and anything you say is pretty stupid:


So here’s me trying to avoid eye contact


MISSION FAILED: My friend sees me and obviously, I have to say hi and stuff (I made him look so good in this drawing… he looks like a prince charming…)


He introduces me to his friend and offers the choice to call them by a nickname… His friend then says oh you can call (friend) (friend’s nickname) and they start laughing and talk about how these names originated (to each other… not me)


So they joke on and the topic isn’t really about names anymore and here I am standing in the middle of the lawn with everyone around me sitting down… How awkward. So i tune out cause well, there isn’t anything I can say.


This is why I avoid eye contact and avoid saying hi to people I haven’t spoke to for AGES. I mean after the initial “hi, how are you doing” it doesn’t seem to go any further. I might as well just make it less awkward by pretending I can’t see you


Basically, I didn’t know what I should do: keep standing in the middle of the lawn, listening to stories of their past  or walk away. So I nicely said i needed to go to the library and left.

Lesson learnt: you either (like me) avoid eye contact or keep a good relationship going with every stranger you meet =|

That brings me to the end of a pretty long blog (and bandwidth hogging! look at all the pictures!) I hope this makes up for the time I’ve been away! I’ve already got an idea for the next blog: Mums’ and technology == LOL it was supposed to be today’s post, but i need to cover more things than usual.

EDIT: For memory’s sake, here the blog before renovation:


and here it is after renovations (i think the blog looks much sleekier now! Just need to stop posting such large pictures.):


Anyway, Paper me wants some comments (comments pls!), he gets very little attention here:



Tuesday, August 3, 2010



I haven’t forgotten the blog, I’m just a little tied up with UNI ATM. So tied up that I haven’t managed to actually draw (properly) for the blog…

So I apologise! I’ve attempted to draw in MS paint with a mouse (*giggle* like that’s gonna turn out good XD) just to continue on the blogging tradition! I’ve used the 2nd gen drawn characters because they are much quicker to draw (as you can see they are really dodgey-ly drawn)! My god, I look bald like that!

So to cover what I did in the past week, nothing much really, just settling in into UNI. I keep getting my subjects mixed up because they are all so similar!


I’ve also continued to improve my origami rose! And the latest fold for now seems to be coming along great! ^^ My flickr friends are all liking it! Here’s my fav pics of it!


This time I managed to get a nice natural curved body shape into the design! The outer petals are also further apart from the inner body =)


Here’s the centre! the all new centre incorporates a twisted folded square =) its much easier to do than another pentagon, and it also much nicer to look at cause there is a natural change in the petal number!

OK that’s about it, I still have homework to do for Thursday (I know its Tuesday, but this is all part of my new study plan)


So that brings me to the end of a quick blog post! I hope to get a proper one done this week =( sorry guys…

Here is a rather pathetic attempt at one of the previously done COMMENTS PLSs with MS paint and gen2 drawings…