Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don’t worry! Your not forgotten! *Quicky blog post*



I haven’t forgotten the blog, I’m just a little tied up with UNI ATM. So tied up that I haven’t managed to actually draw (properly) for the blog…

So I apologise! I’ve attempted to draw in MS paint with a mouse (*giggle* like that’s gonna turn out good XD) just to continue on the blogging tradition! I’ve used the 2nd gen drawn characters because they are much quicker to draw (as you can see they are really dodgey-ly drawn)! My god, I look bald like that!

So to cover what I did in the past week, nothing much really, just settling in into UNI. I keep getting my subjects mixed up because they are all so similar!


I’ve also continued to improve my origami rose! And the latest fold for now seems to be coming along great! ^^ My flickr friends are all liking it! Here’s my fav pics of it!


This time I managed to get a nice natural curved body shape into the design! The outer petals are also further apart from the inner body =)


Here’s the centre! the all new centre incorporates a twisted folded square =) its much easier to do than another pentagon, and it also much nicer to look at cause there is a natural change in the petal number!

OK that’s about it, I still have homework to do for Thursday (I know its Tuesday, but this is all part of my new study plan)


So that brings me to the end of a quick blog post! I hope to get a proper one done this week =( sorry guys…

Here is a rather pathetic attempt at one of the previously done COMMENTS PLSs with MS paint and gen2 drawings…





CarmenNguyen said...

Ahh... I miss the gen2 drawings.. at times

Mylifeasacomic said...

gen1 drawings were hilarious!

but yea, gen2 is actually alright drawn in pencil

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