Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I’m so clumsy.




Hehe, I managed to slip in my final (forth) post for this month! Still a healthy 4 posts per month!

Speaking of slipping in something: something humorous happened to me at UNI. Last Thursday, we had an assignment due. Due to the lack of proper directions from the lecturer and the need for some specific standards, I was not able to hand it in on time (bad!!) So I managed to get things done a day late (meaning i lost some marks as well =(  )


It wasn’t an easy process, it took me ages to sift through google searches and in the end, i just bought the textbook (which also took ages to find the required section). What’s worse was the book shop at our UNI was closed for stock take, so i had to walk half an hour to the next closest one. But in the end, I pulled through and finished (a bit dodgy but correct, but better than handing in crappy work but on time I guess)


It was quite a nice feeling being able to finish (LOL drop me a nice comment for the Jap ad inspired GIF)… even If I was late. So then I took the train JUST to hand this stupid assignment in… So I slipped the assignment under the lecturer’s door (he was not there)


I know that’s not a door, but you get the idea. So after that, I went home. On the way passing the board of lecturer names, something came to mind. That lecturer is the wrong lecturer (he was a lecturer for my other subject).


So i rushed up there and knocked on the door (even though, I knew no-one was there…) Knowing this was it, I just left and pushed the thought to the back of my head.


But the thought would just come out of no where to haunt me and mock me. I did leave it in the end, since there was nothing I could do during the weekend.

Luckily, today, I managed to get my assignment back and hand it to the correct lecturer. i told him about the incident yesterday and it was nice of him to not take further marks off for being MORE late. Good outcome =D

Happy 2

On a more serious note, my last two blog pots have not received a single comment. Where are you guys?!


This blog post was done a bit rushed (hence the old pics and repeats). But hey, no-one is giving me comments, so i don’t know what you guys want =P. So leave me some comments or even better follow me =D


Yea, comment section is downwards… Silly me. Follow button is upwards =D



P.S Android users, Cyanogen 6 stable release is out!~

P.P.S Mazda has a new concept: Shinari. I’m a mazda fan =D



Anonymous said...

something wrong with the comments section that made it stuff up. Go get a new internet plan.

CarmenNguyen said...

im here... i like the GIF

Mylifeasacomic said...

=D internet renewed, finally able to reply to your comments.

@Anon: I'm guessing you jacky =P

@Carmen: I like my GIF

CarmenNguyen said...

hahaha... its so obvious.. isn't it?

Mylifeasacomic said...

The "go get a new internet plan" gave it away =P

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