Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly post: Animated! (Computers)



Guess who got a fully animated blog post?! Not as in video animation or something… just all animated pics…


I’ve noticed my blog posts are long and contain lots of big pictures. So for the sake of your bandwidth and attention, I’ll keep my future posts shorter


Anyway, this blog post is about computers =) I’ll cover how the computer(s) are used in my family

First of, I’ll need to hand my medal of “most time spent on the computer” to dad >=(


A few months ago, he managed to get in contact with his primary friends and he got all ballistic and stuff and often flew overseas just to “bump” into them. Surely, this was uncalled for and obviously a waste of money (his flown a few good times already)

So now that his calmed a little down, he spends most of his time on the computer replying to emails and in general browsing the web. == but now he literally sticks to the computer whenever he can. Example, I walk away from the computer (doing HW or anything) to go to the toilet, get a drink etc, he would slip on and not get off >=(

Sure, I can just use my laptop and such, but its a great hassle to have to get everything settled again on another computer!

Well at least he knows how to operate the computer in the most basic ways. He once woke me up in the middle of the night (at 3am) because he didn’t know how to turn the computer off.

Now to my brother:


His only a small kid, so his knowledge of computers isn’t great. Since he is the smallest in the house, he also has the less privileges and needs to ask when ever doing anything.

So it is common for him to keep asking me if he could download this and download that… quite annoying really. Plus! his list of things to download seems to grown exponentially ==



By far the least user of the computer at home. She often brags to me about her various achievements: fast typing, various software certs etc etc. but ironically, she has a hard time opening USB and in general using word.

I’ve laughed at her about this, you know with all those certs, she can’t do the basics. Defensively, she says the software she used in the past were much older and date (yea…)

Recently, she called me up while i was in UNI because the keyboard suddenly stopped working. obviously, i couldn’t really help much in such a small time frame, I couldn’t tell if the problem was hardware or software base. Since mum’s lack of knowledge couldn’t provide me much details besides “it doesn’t work *smacks keyboard* see?”

In the end, I came home retarted the computer and it worked. Mum said she had done the same to no avail =S the computer must like me:


Then there’s me:

You know me: blogger, flickr-er, deviantart-ist, facebook addict the lot XD…

Anyhow, that’s the end of the post =) better not screw up my first ever animated comment pls!:





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