Thursday, September 16, 2010

Girls that dress like guys: Its unnatural =|



Don’t I look smexy as a girl XD… Yea, see that sounded wrong and disturbing. It’s exactly how I feel when I see girls that dress up and look like guys. It’s so unnatural.

I’ve seen a lot of girls like this at uni. And for some reason, it seems to happen most with internationals. I don’t see local girls doing this at all.

Basically, they all look like this:


It doesn’t necessarily go for girls, most international guys dress like this too. If they wear glasses, its DEFINITELY one of those thick plastic frame ones.

So what made me do this blog post. Well I was walking to a tutorial and was staring at the ground in front of me. I didn’t notice I was staring at someone’s legs. When I did eventually find out, I noticed it was very white and pale. I took notice cause some “aunties” I know said I’m pale for a guy etc etc. (I think I lost some of my tan since UNI…)

Anyway, I was like “OMG that dude has the whitest legs EVER…” little did I know, “he” was going to the same tut as me. While waiting for the tut to start “he” walking into the girls toilets. And that was when I noticed, he wasn’t a guy. Could you imagine my face?!


I mean that’s just SCARY. Does this mean at one point in time, I’ll need to ask people I just meet at UNI if they are a guy or a girl? It’s awkward when you get people like this mixed up. Example scenario:

SCENARIO 1: THE PERSON IS A GUY (but you don’t know):


So you’re at a nice bar and have a nice conversation going, and you think its time to compliment the person.


Me: “You got a nice pair of legs, they’re so white and smooth” *winks*


Obviously, guys don’t take something like this well… especially from another guy.


SCENARIO 2: THE PERSON IS A GIRL (but you don’t know)


Again, you have a nice convo going, you think its a little tense so you make a funny remark (well you might think its funny…):


Me: “DUDE… you know those International girls at uni? They are FLAT…” *wink and laugh*


Guess some people can’t take jokes… LOL

On a serious note, I didn’t REALLY mean that. It’s all just an example. I mean, I don’t even go to clubs and meet new people that way *I’m so lonely XD*

Perhaps, I’ve grown up with stereotypes, this is what Men are like in my mind:


Muscles is optional since i lack them XD… And Women are like this:


Excuse me for being vulgar and obscene. But BOOBS definitely help differentiate men and women. REALLY.

That being said, this is probably the reason why I get so disturbed by girls dressing up like that. To me its like seeing a guy in women clothes:

manwoman Which isn’t too appealing.

That brings me to the end of the blog post =) Do you agree with me? Am I the only one that gets a little disturbed by people who cross dress? COMMENTS PLS!

commentI’m sure this proves my point, REAL cheerleaders look much better.




Anonymous said...

Flat chested females- you can't tell them that they look like males. Some people have different growth hormones in every area of their body. They could be tall(Kevin's growth spurt)/short(like Rea as always). So if you want to read some female- read it by their heart and soul, not by their looks. Those internationals go for the 1st who can get them citizenship or they are gold diggers.

Mylifeasacomic said...

I know... It was a joke.

I seem to get along better with locals rather than internationals anyway =|.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should judge people based off how they dress. A lot of girls like to wear tomboyish clothing. And some members of the LGBT community, like myself, definitely enjoy dressing in that manner. I am female, but I dress in boy clothes often because it feels right to me.

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