Saturday, October 30, 2010



Are you an android user? Do you follow the trend of android? If you have you’ll notice the news of the rumoured “Nexus 2”. So far from what I’ve gathered, its going to be made by samsung. At the moment, I’ve only followed the threads in the Nexus one forum and the most “reliable” source I have read is this one:

What does Nexus one owner think of the Nexus 2/S? Read more :)



EDIT: God damn it! the first pic isn't animating!

First off, I’d like to say a big thank you for visiting my blog for more than 1000 times :) Sure, some of them are from me for viewing without signing in, but still this is quite a momentous occasion!

Saturday, October 23, 2010



I’ve been _VERY_ busy for the last few weeks due to UNI assessments, Just this week I’ve had a record breaking 7 assessments (which I feel i have done horribly in :(  ). So I’ve been piled under books, studying… trying to keep up

Friday, October 8, 2010


Who is this?

Yes, I just learnt how to add polls to my blog posts! This will be useful don’t you think?! ^^
Anyway, do you recognise that person? i sure hope you do, I don’t have that much characters!
Today is Carmen’s Birthday. Yea, she’s one year older and one year closer to becoming this!
old carmen
Yea sorry about the MS paint job, still working on other stuff. But that is a dead give away on who the first pic is of!
Let’s celebrate this occasion with some cake:

of course, I’m not that stingy. I actually got her something physically holdable. I’ve wrapped it up nicely and will give it to her tomorrow when I see her (yes! a gathering!)

I thought plain wrapping would be pretty boring, so artist me steps in and added some origami flair to it:


Last year i also decorated it with origami:


Its nice to see Carmen likes the wrapping, I still see it in her room ^^

Jokes aside, I hope Carmen has a great birthday (and hope she got her free drink from chatime XD). Best wishes!

I don’t have a comments please pic. Sorry =(

I just noticed making 4 posts a month will not equal 52 posts a year! *GASP!!* So to up the post count, I’ll share some things I’ve been working on in my free time. But since there are so much things I need to do this qould be hard!
I’ve decided to draw up a chibi Mazda Furai. But after starting, I couldn’t resist taking this idea further. I ended up deciding to do a fan-made ad for the car.
So here are the main pic I did first:
light only


rear view

Initially, I only had one drawing (the first one). But seeing that one pic is severely lacking for an ad, I decided to do a rear view and eventually another front view:

front furai 1

So now that I have 3 pics, i managed to make some short animations:




EDIT: The gifs don't seem to load =(

^^ All of these drawings follow my drawing theme so they don’t feel completely left out.

So far, Ionly need to nab some official furai engine sounds, some tire squealing and the final “zoom zoom” part from an official mazda ad to be done. I do have the main foundation done for the ad though!

I look forward to sharing the final version here with you all! I should (if things go to plan) have this done within a week! It will have its own post (to make up the extra posts) I hope to see you there!


black with headlight

Yes… that is the comments please thing.