Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nexus 2?!



Are you an android user? Do you follow the trend of android? If you have you’ll notice the news of the rumoured “Nexus 2”. So far from what I’ve gathered, its going to be made by samsung. At the moment, I’ve only followed the threads in the Nexus one forum and the most “reliable” source I have read is this one:

What does Nexus one owner think of the Nexus 2/S? Read more :)

Here’s a picture they posted:


THAT’S supposed to be the Nexus 2 (it is a mockup/rendering). Here’s a pic I’d like to add…


Hmmmmmm… Something looks familiar. I wonder what? Basically, most sources have said that the Nexus 2 will be based off the current Samsung Galaxy S (SGS for short). While the SGS is a great phone, I do not feel it is worth of being the android flagship.

Rewind back to January of this year, when the Nexus One was available as a new phone. Listen to the specs:

nexus one

Each component mentioned has a wow factor:

  • 1Ghz CPU, sure there was the Toshiba TG-01 that had the same processor, but that ran on Windows mobile and was pretty rare in general. It also had 512Mb of ram. That’s more than what my old desktop had when I bought it!
  • The AMOLED screen =) I absolutely love it! Even until now, mostly only Samsung phones have AMOLED screens. I love the contrast ratio and despite having a lower resolution than the current Iphone 4, I much prefer this over the Retina (as do my Iphone 4 owning friend!)
  • Dual mics for noise cancellation
  • 5mp cam (ok, they were becoming common… but still!)
  • The trackball has an LED behind it. So it can glow for notifications

The Nexus one screamed “BUY ME”. And I did just that (despite buying it a few months later). I must say its a great phone!

So after that release, there have been plenty of android phones pushing similar specs. Which is a good thing of course! Then the SGS came out, it had great specs too:

  • 4” Super AMOLED screen (supposed to be better than the current AMOLED, less reflective outdoor and toned down alittle to avoid over saturation)
  • Hummingbird CPU, which in benchmarks does way better than the CPU in the Nexus one.

But as an overall package, I saw a few flaws:

  • It lacked LED lights. No LED on the camera, none for notification or charging. It might seem like a minor flaw, but I can tell you the trackball notification is a big help!
  • Build quality. I have no prob with it, but its made of plastic, if Samsung was going for high end (which I feel it was), it should have used a better material on the exterior
  • That UI is horrible! I;ve heard of many lag issues too!
  • It tries to mimic the Iphone too much! Both software and hardware!

While many of the current sources say that many of these issues will be addressed, (stock android will be used, so no more lag. Metal exterior will be used as well), it still SHOULDN’T be the android flagship FOR NOW.

We’ve heard news about the good tech coming next year and if the Nexus two were to be a SGS in disguise, it will have outdated hardware quickly! There are dual core CPUs for phones next year, the current flagship shouldn’t have a single core (even if its overclocked). So here is what i would like the next flagship to have:

my nexus 2

That green outline is to show where the LED notification is.

Basically, It has the goodies of the current SGS, Nexus one, Sharp IS03, Nokia N8 and future hardware. Couple that with the Gingerbread OS and BAM we have a well deserved flagship. At least this package would WOW me… the SGS isn’t too much of an improvement IMO.

I pretty much decided that from now on, all my future mobile phones will be the direct android flagship! They are awesome phones. So until there is a worth flagship, I will hold onto my Nexus ONE:


Please share your thoughts on this! I want to hear what others think about this!



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