Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pen and Paper VS Digital Inking



I’ve been _VERY_ busy for the last few weeks due to UNI assessments, Just this week I’ve had a record breaking 7 assessments (which I feel i have done horribly in :(  ). So I’ve been piled under books, studying… trying to keep up


For my absence, I sincerely apologise, but there are priorities and I know you understand that UNI is more imports :) But now, i can take a small break then prepare for the finals (oh dear god…)!!


*wipes sweat and sigh*

So relating back to the title: pen and paper vs. digital inking. If your a friend of mine or have read up on previous posts, you’ll know I have a tablet pc used for drawing. I don’t use it often because even though it allows me to draw and take notes, it quite a different experience to the real pen and paper.

Perhaps I have not calibrated the screen well (despite doing this a good few times). But there always seems to be a bit of offset of the pen and the point of drawing. But once you draw, the lines are TOO accurate. Its ironic, but the imperfections of pen/pencil actually make drawings look good (for me at least).

So for this comparison, I’ve drawn the same thing on paper and on the table pc Let the battle begin!:


I’d like to note that for my pencil drawings, its outlines with black pen. On the table PC, I just drew it up directly. As you can see the digital drawing is pretty sketchy and its noticeably thicker. Its less tidy than paper


Here's a drawing that has a bit more detail. Again the pencil drawing looks better with neat lines and distinct features. The digital, again too messy.

This was one of the later drawings and by then I have a better grasp of the tablet. Even so, it still seems to be equal, but no one is actually better in this comparison.

So after a little experimenting, I’d still choose pen and paper over my tablet. I’d admit that with practice, digital would be better since there are more tools for me to use instantly (like zooming, undo-ing, effects… etc) but for now, I’d need to get used to drawing on a tablet.

So the winner is Pen and paper:


That is not to say i will not use my tablet for future drawings, I realise it has potential, I’ll just need to polish up on how to use it :)

So from now on any drawing I put up that's drawn by the table will feature this icon:

digitally drawn

Just to let you know :D So that brings me to the end of a rather “pointless” blog. I know you might have anticipated the furai post but I haven’t made any progress on that :( plus my internet is capped so even if i wanted to i can’t download videos and sounds.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing fine… see you guys soon! (with more tablet drawings! They will sneak up on you!)


Bye bye!


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