Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank you all for 1000+ views!



EDIT: God damn it! the first pic isn't animating!

First off, I’d like to say a big thank you for visiting my blog for more than 1000 times :) Sure, some of them are from me for viewing without signing in, but still this is quite a momentous occasion!

I’ve been happy to share my daily experiences with you all and hope it has brought a smile to your face! Its thanks to one comment which has motivated me to keep updating my blog. It’s been a long way from when I started blogging regularly. Since then, I’ve been blogging and ranting about random stuff: annoying children, cross dressing people… awkward convos the lot. I think it has been a lot of fun!

I think comments are important in keeping my blog alive (and pretty much any blog in general! But:


Ok, I’ve got a comment here or there, but I’d really appreciate it if you viewers and reader would drop me a comment every now and then. That way, I’ll know if you like or dislike my post, I can get to know you better too!

So to make this post more interactive, I’ve made a post of stuff you’d like me to blog more about. Don’t be shy! Please give me a vote, the last poll I made only had one vote, which was from me =( This poll will also be available on the side of the blog!

What would you like to see more on my blog?

^^ I’m quite sincere in keeping this blog up and running! I mean I’m doing this on capped internet which is a real pain sometimes. So for the rest of this blog, I’ll be talking about capped internet!

Capped internet


You see, I’m capped at the moment, it makes me feel like I’m locked down to primitive dial up. Luckily, I’m using Windows live writer, so at least I’ve cut down the need to load up the blogger website =) But being capped is a serious pain. Things just LOAD----SO----SLOW.

I mean there are times where its slow, but then there are times where the internet is unbearable! Take this example:


So I click a link, it starts loading… but since I’m capped, it doesn’t show till like a minute or two later… sometimes even more!! To kill time I try doing other stuff (normally, i would be re-reading a loaded tab elsewhere). But this process doesn’t last long and you soon to get agitated and angry. Let’s walk away for a cup of water then.

You come back to see that the loading bar is almost up and enthusiasm and joy fills you! Only to see a “could not load page error”. I’m pretty sure this error doesn’t happen when I’m not capped =( I feel as if my computer is mocking me…


==… So why did I get capped? I don’t torrent lots of videos, don’t youtube that much and well, basically I can’t think of anything too internet intensive! I’m just the usual forum browser, facebook gamer and blogger. I do think my brother (who games online a bit) and Dad (youtubes a bit and surfs alot of webpages) are the culprits!. i do take a little blame:


I have notification set up in my browser and phone. So basically I’m always connected to the net for email and facebook. And when I get an email or notification, I instantly check it =)

And having so much stuff flash on the screen will just give me information overload!! XD


The internet is just too convenient, I have everything i need at my fingertips: have a thought? google it. Just stabbed someone? Tweet it/facebook it. Bored? Youtube. Sick? Google the symptoms. Want to find a song? google the lyrics. The list goes on!

The internet is my land of comfort and convenience!~~

the web

It is only a matter of days before my internet renews (on the 4th actually!) It is then I can be free once again! ***Just a thought, I wonder how long it will take to upload all these pics on my slow internet?!***

So that brings me to the end of a lengthy blog post. I made it extra long and animated to celebrate our 1000 views! I’d like to thank you all again for visiting my blog =)


Yes! I seriously appreciate your company. Now please take the time to leave a comment or vote on the poll! You know you want to comment on my sexy nerd hip thrust XD



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