Friday, November 5, 2010

AUD/HKD: 7.82, AUD/USD: 1.011 =D


ok, just a quick blog post (hence the MS paint)

the exchange rates for AUD is great at the moment, even if you are not planning to visit/travel anywhere, it would be a good idea to exchange a bit of money since the AUD is so strong :)

I’ve put down MOST of my savings so far so I can buy more stuff :)

Of course if the rate goes higher, I’ll cringe and be cheap to save up that little more to get a good rate!


I can buy so much more stuff!!

Of course, Im no financial expert, just letting you guys know that the rate is good :) Of course you can be like carmen and wait for a possible 1AUD/8HKD, but so far i think the rate is good… For Aussies anyway!

What will you do with the extra cash? Virtual cookie for those who can get what I’m buying when i travel!


Ok, back to studying =(


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