Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A long and much needed update



Sorry, I’ve been missing for quite an extended period. Just finished exams last week and have been pretty busy catching up on doing things I left undone before the exams. My ALMOST capped internet isn’t helping either, I’ve had to resort to using the internet only after 12 midnight or before noon =(

So how have you been? Drop a me comment! I have some interesting and celebrate worthy things to tell you all after the jump!

I got my P’s!!


Which means I can drive alone now. I still haven’t done that though, only got it last Friday.

So psyched! Now the next thing for me to do is save up for a cheapo box on wheels  so I have a car to call my own. It’s quite irritating sharing the car with Dad. With mum its fine. But with Dad, its a real hassle (will change topics, this will result in a rant soon =P)


Anyhows, I’m sure the first thing you thought of after find out about my P’s is: “Oh dear god, another Asian on the roads… Give him a sign!!”:


=) But I can promise I’m a safe driver and I do put the ego thing aside. I don’t overtake people rudely and cut into lanes aggressively. Sure, I yell at people when I’m driving but I don’t do anything that will result in conflict =) Can I take that sign off then?

I’m back at work

After quitting a few weeks before the exams, I’m back at work due to staff shortage yet again. From what I know it will only be until the end of this week (A total of 3 days actually)

One of the staff has left and boss hasn’t been able to find someone for this week yet. And for obvious reasons, I was dragged into it cause I’m always available because:


Nah, jokes aside, its just that most of my friends are quite busy themselves. Some are overseas, some working, other just plain lazy. Good thing is we have planned a gathering in a few days time =) The first day back I had to go help carry stuff froma closing down cafe… Lots of stuff given away (free food inclusive!):


Its been quite a fun experience going back to work. With the stress of UNI, work is just different. I have thought that I’d had come into contact with the various types of customers. But hey, guess work just keeps on giving me surprises. The most common (annoying) customers are these:

The aggressive/demanding/picky customer

This type of customer seems to take everything for granted. Sure you’re the customer and from my studies “the customer is always right (because they think they are)”. They just demand more things and complain about little details. Dude, you’re paying us how much? I’ll try my best to make you happy, but no 5-star service here. Just saying.


^ Just the common things I run into. Usually the requests aren’t too extravagant so I just put up with it. And in the ~2 minutes of contact, things usually go well. So I just keep silent and do what I’m told. Good boy =)


The indecisive customer

Call me picky, but if you haven’t made your mind up, DON’T COME AND ORDER. It wastes my time, your time and the time of the person behind you. Its unfair and annoying.


Psssh… “What’s that”. There’s a freaking sign. READ IT. It has chinese and english on it. If you can ask me what it is in either chinese or english, I’d assume you’d be able to read (ok… I also learnt in tourism: “the ability to speak does not mean the ability to read. Which also applies to me in chinese but still). If words are too hard, just look at the food. it has some sort of meat, some sort of vegetable and a sauce. Easy. Choose the desired combination.


“I’ll have that… No I’ll have that… Actually that’s ok”. Dude, its just food unless you’re going to have an allergic reaction that will kill you there isn’t much problem in making a mistake. If you’re quick in changing your choice I’m fine. Don’t tell me  when I have your dishes scooped onto the rice. YOU RUINED THE RICE. If you do that, I’d probably have to eat that up. I don’t want to be any fatter.

You know what I want to do to these people?:


[EDIT: Seems like the gif isn’t loading properly again =( ] I’ll make the decisions. Its more efficient.

I’ll be travelling overseas soon!


^^ I haven’t travelled overseas since graduation from High school (which is 2 years)

I like to visit my relatives (despite the fact there are some REALLY boring people sometimes)… Most of them are there. I don’t have much relatives here.

One major problem I encounter when travelling is internet. Last time I didn’t have a laptop (only bought it during the trip) and I had no internet. The result of this was having to go to the public library to check my emails and write up blogs.

Luckily, after getting my laptop, my uncle provided me with a internet dongle so I had internet on the go. This time, I think I’ll just buy a SIM card with mobile data and just tether my phone =) saves me having to hassle my uncle for this.

Another thing that makes me worried is what we are actually allowed to bring on the plan and use. So when we bring our laptops, we can use it without wi-fi on. I know gameboys and most portable gaming consoles are ok… but what about mobile phones? Most new phones have an “airplane mode” which turns off all the radios so its basically acts like an ipod touch. Is that ok to turn on with the radios on? or is it still too risky?

Will this happen?




*turns on phone*






(The original boot screen on the Nexus one is horizontal) *bling ♫*


*BOOM!! =O*

Just curious… But seriously is there a list of what can be brought and used on a plane?

I’ve grown taller!

Not that you can see this by my drawings but lots of things are showing I’ve grown taller. Haven’t measure my height yet. but its over my previous 1.78m =) I’m sure you can’t care less. But I’ll just write this to remind myself in the future.

First off, it was the friends of mum and dad saying “oh you’ve grown taller!”. But I never really took that seriously. They say that everytime I see them.

Then it was some high school friends I haven’t seen for about a year. I didn’t think i grew taller when they said that since relative to their height, I didn’t see much difference…

Then it was this block thing at my local mall. They have this thing that says 1.78m and before I’d fit under it and just touch the block. Now I hit my head when I walk up to it. SOLID EVIDENCE!! Get it solid?! HAHA =| No laughter *awkward*.

Final evidence is the fact I visited my cousin today (well Mum did. I tagged along). Were we both the same height when he just came to Australia. Now I’m taller than him =) BOO YA!!

I’m quite glad I’ve grown taller. In fact I’m amazed I’m even this height for someone so inactive. I don’t engage in vigorous sports and I’m quite lazy at home. Pretty good =) Still not the tallest in my group of friends. I’m quite sure at least 2 are taller than me. But hey! I’m pretty happy with my height (wouldn’t mind another inch or two…) I can walk around without having to look up at people.

See kids? Blogging makes you tall! No. Jokes aside go play basketball or something.

What next?

Well first of I’d need to start posting regular posts again. I need that minimum 4 posts/month.

Since my internet is capped, I’ll need to look for other things to do. I noticed I don’t play much offline computer games… No. I’m not into that COD,WOW, LOL stuff. Probably stick with TV and the hobbies I’ve mentioned previously.

I’ll leave this blog as it is for now. I’ll let you know how things come along later. Would you like me to share the stuff i draw up,fold, take pics of randomly?

Leave all feedback and comments below! I am quite disappointed no one voted again!



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