Sunday, December 5, 2010

HOW TO: Animated snowflakes on blogger!



Christmas is around the corner, what have you done to celebrate? Get started by decorating your blog with animated snowflakes! Keep reading for the HOW TO!

This HOW TO thing is getting to my head, this is the THIRD ONE! :D. Anyway, if you’ve looked closely, you’ll notice that my blog now has little light blue dots floating around everywhere :) They are snowflakes.

The idea came from wordpress when I was migrating my windows live space. It was simple, subtle and elegant. I’m sure if you match a nice theme and wallpaper, the results would be beautiful! In fact I’m working on that after this blog.

First off, I’m just regurgitating what I’ve found on the web for you! Full credit goes to here. I’ve also tested another link found on Google (works poorly, heaps of lag… unbearable; so i won’t share), but the link I gave you works the best

In the link, you’ll find they also teach you how to put on leaves (which will look great in Autumn!!). This should also work for wordpress.

Adding snowflakes to blogger:

First off, you’ll need to navigate to the design tab on the blogger webpage:


You’ll then be given a bunch of ugly text like this:


Now use the find function in your web browser (usually ctrl + F) and search for: </body>

Then paste this script from the site BELOW </body>:

<script type="text/JavaScript" src="" />
<!-- now, we'll customize the snowStorm object -->
<script type="text/javascript">
snowStorm.snowColor = '#99ccff'; // blue-ish snow!?
snowStorm.flakesMaxActive = 96; // show more snow on screen at once
snowStorm.useTwinkleEffect = true; // let the snow flicker in and out of view

Click “Save template” and you’re good to go!

UPDATE: I’ve discovered ‘#99ccff” stands for the hex code of the colour. You can change the dot colours by changing the code to another colour. You can find hex codes for colours here. Now you can change the colour according to theme or season :)

You can use another script from the website for leaves or pictures of snowflakes. But I like this simple bluish dot more (despite a little hard to see against a white background). So now, I’m going to change the theme colours and the banner!

Before blog renovations:


I used this pic from the previous blog because I currently have snow everywhere :P

After blog renovations!:


:D Done! Snow (Christmas) themed blog! The subtle snow makes is great! Its not overly obtrusive, but still noticeable! You can find the banner (full size) in the first pic :)

I won’t have internet access for a while (travelling!), but will be blogging offline. I’ll bulk upload whenever i find internet access. If i don’t manage to blog before Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas in advance :)


See you guys later!


terra canaillo said...

Thank you for this snow!

Mylifeasacomic said...

You're welcome :)

Butterfly... said...

Thanks so much for the tip! ;)

Mylifeasacomic said...

Glad I could help!

Susan said...

It was scary! I couldn't do it. Body was on there in several places. Do I copy and paste anywhere on there? YAH! It sounds so easy, but I'm afraid of messing up. Anymore suggestions?

Mylifeasacomic said...

Hello Susan!

Can i ask what theme you're using this with? I don't think the newer "dynamic" themes work with this.

If your still using the simple ones, show me the chunk of text, Ii'll try my best to help :)

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