Saturday, December 4, 2010

HOW TO: Applying “after the jump” in blogger and windows live writer



I’ve noticed that many of my posts go one for AGES and AGES… to the point where one post just fills my whole blog page. I’m sure it annoys people quite a bit that they need to read my column to see my previous blog posts.


You’ll probably notice that this is the second HOW TO I’ve done, being beginners, we must work together! So I’d like to share how things are done with people since it saves others (and myself in the future) having to jump around google to really only find one line in a thread or something. I learnt how to do this here and here

If you look at professional blogs (Engadget, slashgear and gizmodo are some I follow) you’ll notice they have a lot of “details after the jump” and it cuts off. This helps you show more posts in one pages AND it allows readers to choose what to read according to the summary.

How to apply jumps in blogger editing page

If you use the blogger page itself, you’ll be presented with a page like this to type up your blog:


Now you need to go into “edit html” by clicking the tab:


And it should look something like this:


So now you want to choose where to make the cut. I usually make my cut after one paragraph so:


Once you have decided where you want your cut, just type: “<!--more -->”  on a new line and it will create the cut:


How to apply jumps in Windows live writer

In windows live writer, the method is the same, just press the source tab (rather than edit html) on the bottom left hand corner and you can do the same thing as above.

I’ve found that in the preview tab, it does not show jumps properly, but they do work when you actually publish it.

If you have previous posts WITHOUT jumps, you’ll need to go back and edit each one manually :( tedious, but totally worth the trouble. Or you could just apply jumps to all your future posts, eventually, this will take over the whole page :)


Here’s my blog without jumps (zoomed out):


As you can see, one of my posts (which happened to be very long) dominates the front page. Obviously, this can be beneficial for some purposes, but in general, some people would much rather to just scroll through and read summaries and select individual posts.

Here is one with jumps:


Now with jumps, I’ve managed to fit a few more posts on the first page. So if you perhaps didn’t want to read my android emulator post, just scroll past it and you’ll see the paper blog… etc :)

Hope this has helped many of you out there!

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