Saturday, January 1, 2011

I won’t miss 2010.



How was your year? Mine was a mixed bag, lots of ups and down. All in all, I would prefer not to have another 2010 happen to me :) All pics are drawn on my tablet since I don’t have a scanner with me… Soz.

Read on?

First off, I’m alive an well in Hong Kong, it’s my 3rd-ish week here and a few things have happened. I did have an offline blog written up, but coming to re-read it, I found it too long and probably too probably a little too boring to share with you guys :p. I plan on renovating my blog for new years. But since I don’t have my usual equipment, Xmas is going to be around for a little longer (YAY?!)

I’ve mostly just caught up with my relatives, I haven’t seen them for 2 years (last trip back here was 2 years ago). I’ve met my high school friends once and walked around a bit (serious, walking was pretty much all we did). SHOPPING!! Would you like to guess what new android device I now have?! :D ? A drawn pic for hints!


What device is it?

So let’s talk abit about the past year: 2010. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s been a lot going on… Here are dot points of some good and bad things from this year:


  • I visited Hong Kong :) A little longer than I would like, but hey, I’m here!
  • I got my P plates :D I can drive alone, how convenient!
  • New android device(s). Thanks to them I’m now a major android fan!!
  • I’ve made a few new friends (and got closer to older ones! You know who you are :D )
  • There’s been an increase in visitors! I’ve had around 2400 visitors according to that widget thing. Sure they’re here for the Android HOW TO, but hopefully they will drop by and read some of my other posts!


  • Insurance crap that carried over from last year (Yes, from 2009 :( ). Luckily its over now and the MR2 is sold. No more crap from there.
  • Dad keeps causing little problems here and there. Obviously, I have to clean up after his mess
  • Due to above reasons, my studies have gone off the rails and I pretty much screwed up this whole year. This consequently screwed up my WAM :’(… Ok that and excessive interneting.
  • Some stuff has happened to a close friend… No naming here, just kinda worried and concerned about him/her (HA! I’m not letting a him or her give away who it is!). Hope the the issue fades soon and that life resumes to normal for him/her. (YOU ALSO KNOW WHO YOU ARE :D )
  • My fish!! So many left me :( damn you construction and surveying!!!

So as you can see the above points make my mood do this:


Which kind of resembles a woman during PMS. Which is not good:


*Excessive bad events make men dress in pokka dot dresses and wear lipstick

Luckily, even with a screwed up WAM, I’m still in UNI and not kicked out (yet… on my last legs) I really need to work hard to stay in UNI… Sure, I’m not gonna graduate with honours, but I’d be happy to even graduate at all at this point.

This is why I won’t miss 2010, there’s just too many bad things that come to mind. I definitely like my new and old friends :) and I hope in 2011 we can all work to achieve our goals!

I’m sure you can see the crappy drawn pics I’ve done. Why don’t I make learning to draw better on my tablet a new year’s resolution? Comment below to let me know what you think! How was your 2010?


dodgeier is spelt “DODGIER” my bad. My English is becoming chinglish XD

Countdown to 2011!













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