Sunday, February 20, 2011

HOW TO: Fold origami roses



So I’ve been racking up lots of views and comments on photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Deviantart on my Origami pics :) Here are the links to the diagrams after the jump!

The roses below are all based on the Kawasaki twist fold but design by me :) They are rather different to the original Kawasaki roses!

I’m going to post links to all the diagrams here and let you choose which diagram you want to view and download. Pics below are the ones that have racked up most comments and or views, there are plenty more pics on my Flickr or Deviantart accounts (Feel free to browse them!)

Click on the rose you want diagrams for below to start the download :D Please read the description, as some roses/models might not have diagrams yet.

The pentagon rose:

NO DIAGRAMS EXIST YET: The rose is still in development and I’m open to ideas on how to make it look better. This is one of the reasons why I haven’t started diagramming this.

Another reason is I haven’t really diagrammed much, and diagramming a pentagon would be a difficult task. Stay tuned for the diagram or other means of sharing how this is made!

The pentagon rose and the square rose I designed are pretty similar in construction, so maybe you can do some experimenting using the square rose diagrams :)

UPDATE: I’ve scanned a CP for all you experts out there. The above comments still apply. I’m doing my best to make this the best rose in my power (which isn’t much…) click on the rose or HERE for the scan


The square rose:

Diagrams exist :) Honestly, I like the red square rose better, but hey, most people like this pic more.

My attempt at The Gift of Gifts Rose

Diagrams exist :) This is just my attempt though, since then “The gift of gifts” has released his own diagrams/steps on how his rose is done here

So that’s it, those are the roses that I can proudly say were designed by me :) It’s also a nice way to see the changes I’ve made over time. Please leave me comment below :) (Yet another old comment pic)



Moon said...

Hi, I was trying to download your pdf but the file is not available. Btw, do have the diagram for the pentagon rose? Really pretty. Hope to hear from you soon.

Mylifeasacomic said...


I just double checked the links, for some reason they were broken :\

I've fixed them, but here are the links again:

GG rose:
Square rose:

As for the pentagon one, I'm in my exam period right now. But once I'm finished, I'll put up a CP. I still want to make it better, I won't so diagramming and then changing it until I think its finally completed :)

Thanks for visiting!

Mylifeasacomic said...

^^ thanks for letting me know the links were broken!

Moon said...

Dont worry. Study hard for your exam and good luck! I will wait patiently for the CP.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Brazil and I loved Congratulations pink.

Mylifeasacomic said...

Hey guys,

There is a glipse of hope for me (and you).

My uncle works in the printing/ design industry. These roses has caught his attention and his opt to help me do the CP (and possibly diagrams).

So in other words, the CP and diagrams shouldn't be too far away.

Mylifeasacomic said...

Updated with CP scans! I did them myself... Hope my uncle can tidy that up for me.

EtherealSound said...

Hey I loved your black rose but just wondering, how do you get that many swirls in it? The diagrams don't show it ending up with that many swirls either.

Mylifeasacomic said...


you can achieve that effect by making a small rose and putting it in the centre :)

probably should have pointed that out =="

EtherealSound said...

Umm when you say make a smaller rose to put in the middle, can you put up a link or tell me which rose we're supposed to put in? Is it the same rose or a different one? Sorry to bombard you with questions haha. I've made a great deal of roses including "A Miura-Ken Beauty Rose" but I still seem to really love your rose (I think it's the second best origami rose ever!)-even if it requires more than one piece of paper to achieve the result~! Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone!

Mylifeasacomic said...


I made a simple cylindrical Kawasaki rose to put in the middle, similar to this (though I did it very roughly, just needed the effect):

It's ok to ask questions :) That's how we learn. I actually tried the A Miura-Ken Beauty Rose... didn't go well. I'm not that good with CP folding :(

May I ask who's rose is first (A Miura-Ken Beauty Rose?) :) being second is already very flattering :P. I find that most kawasaki roses tend to have that big hole in the middle. I'm trying to see if I can design one without relying on the twist fold.

Thanks for the compliments :) Hope that helped!

EtherealSound said...

Thank you so much! By the way, for me, it's kind of a tie. The miura kennlooks amazing from a bird's eye view but not as great from a side view. Your rose looks quite nice from all angles that i can see. Anyways, let me know if you ever try folding the miura ken again as i find it very easy and i could give you some tips if you want ^^

EtherealSound said...

Oh yeah, on a side note, one more question. What kind of paper did you use to make the black rose in the picture and is it the same paper you used to make the red pentagon rose?

Mylifeasacomic said...


Miura ken looks great if folded well. Too bad, I don't have the skill to make it look as good as I'd like.

Personally, I like Sato's rose best:

In fact, I was trying to fold that, but gave up then made my own pentagonal rose (above).

But it seems to me all folders have folded different "types" of roses. Some (a lot of) folders prefer full bloom, but Giftofgifts and mine were made to look like the ones on valentines day(half bloom?) :)

As for the paper, the black is "said" to be 120gsm black card paper. It definitely feels much thicker and ridgid than the number suggests. I wouldn't actually recommend the paper I used, try to find thinner paper for these roses. There is a bit over overlapping in my roses and thick paper just makes it a chore to fold. The red was also 120gsm, but this one seems like the real 120 :p

I won't be fold for a while, too buzy. After exams, I'll try to get back into folding :)

EtherealSound said...

Hm, Sato's rose is nice but your pentagonal rose is still better in my opinion. I really like the paper you used in both your roses... Too bad I can't find any around where I live, haha. Actually, if you ever feel like making the miura ken, use crepe foil (aluminum foil glued to a piece of crepe paper). That's what I used and I got VERY satisfactory results on my first try. I would put up pictures but my camera totally sucks. I might do it anyways though, =P.

Anonymous said...

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TimTest said...

Hi, I know it's a long time since this was published, but are the diagram(s) available for these beautiful roses, please? The dropbox links no longer work. It would mean a really great deal to me if you may be able to help. My email if you need it:
Thank you!
Best regards,
Tim Edwards

Mylifeasacomic said...

Hello Everyone!

It seems my links to the documents are dead again. Thanks Tim for pointing that out, wouldn't have noticed otherwise. Here are some new links:

Modified Kawasaki Rose:

Origami Rose:

I seem to have lost the CP for my pentagonal rose :( but I'll update it if I find it. Thanks for visiting!

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