Monday, February 14, 2011

I’m not dead. RELAX.

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As the title says, I’m not dead, just merely caught up with too much stuff to do! Since my last post, I’ve had to attend numerous dinners with relatives (to name a few, my grandpa’s 80th birthday, Chinese new year dinners, “visiting” dinners, housewarming dinners…")

I SINCERELY APOLOGISE FOR MY ABSENSE!! So now that things are settling down, i can give this blog the attention it once had and well deserves. I’ve noticed that the post count for this year will be affect by the missing weeks, I’ll need to work extra hard to catch up!

So for my first batch of posts for this year, I’d like to review the trip I had at Hong Kong :) Obviously, a one post review will be very very long, I thought I’d break it up into 3 categories: The people, the food, the places and transport.

I’ll keep as much Hong Kong stuff out of this post for now. Now I’d like to direct your attention to my face:square

Yes :), the people are getting a slight redesign (and I will be drawing alot more on my tablet!). They will now have a non-circular face (ok, maybe I meant squarish… Not square :p). You might ask why this took so long (or why are you changing this??!?!?!), the answer is: for my grandpa’s 80th, i thought I’d draw him and grandma together as cartoon. Thing is, his face isn’t circular. Nor, is it ok to just do what i normally do to my people and add a few details here and there and SAY its them.

In the end, I had to use different shapes for their head, because this picture NEEDED to look like them. The result:


Them in real life:


So its not a Mona Lisa, but at least i can see a resemblance in the pics that way. NOTE: their heads AREN’T circles :) From now on I look like this:

I’ll have a new post of how everyone looks (and possibly more friend interviews… that thing completely DIED) just so i can catch up on posts :)

So I’ll see you for now, I need to start working on my other posts! *Using old comments pics for now*



CarmenNguyen said...

where's my non-round face? keke

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