Sunday, March 13, 2011

*GASP* Carmen is back … and templates are done!



“Templates? What templates?! WHAT ARE THEY USED FOR?!?!?!” You ask? well, in the past I actually drew each comic by hand, outlined, rubbed out, scanned, P-Shopped and posted. All pretty tedious. What do templates do? Read on!!

So you’ll notice that sometimes my people are inconsistent. “That head is bigger than that head”… “why is your hair changing shape randomly?” Yea you get the point =) so now I’ve cut up all the body parts and I’ll paste them together at will to keep the people consistent.explain

At least now, the inconsistency won’t be as much. Also, it means that comic strips will be (relatively) quicker to make and overtime, they should have a higher quality over past comics =) while I’d admit that hand drawing is faster, the P-Shopping is actually pretty time consuming

Another good thing is that since the templates are transparent (the ones on my computer anyway) I can easily put my characters on top of a nice background, like this:


Now that that is out of the way… CARMEN IS BACK *GASP*. If you look closely in my templates, you’ll notice that I’ve actually done a male (based on me) and female (based on Carmen) template each with many hair styles and stuff. This means I can easily get back to those long forgotten friend interviews and comics with other people. So here’s Carmen…


Don’t worry, she’s not dead, she still needs to be in other comics =P. But yea, with different shaped faces, you’ll be able to differentiate the characters easier =)

Now that I’ve got this covered I, I also need to get back on those HK posts and I also need to do another friend interview =)



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