Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hong Kong: The people (PART 1)


What are Hong Kong kids like? READ ON! There’s alot of comics in this one! Keep an eye out for part 2 (the adults)

First off, I think people from Hong Kong are referred to as Hong Kongers, Hongkies or Hongers (The last two seem a little less formal). But in this post I’ll refer to them as “Hong Kongers”

I’ve found that there is too much to cover in this section (in fact I should have separated the places blog into a few too) So rather than having a IMPOSSIBLY long post, I’ll cover the kids first. Then the adults later on

The kids (Age 3-12):

=) I was brought up by parents both from Hong Kong. Although we migrated to Australia when I was very young (I was only 3 months old!), we still have strong connections to Hong Kong, we often travelled back to visit family and friends (about once every 2 years).

My Mum was a strict Mum, but according to family and friends I was an easy child to take care of. I was (luckily) quiet as a child, didn’t cry much and in general just didn’t do much to get attention (weird I know…) I would listen to mum and naively believe outrageous lies and stories used to keep me tame:


Consequently, I’ve been named a goodie goodie and in extreme cases, a child that listens too much to his parents. But I’m not alone, most people I know have parents like this too. But with the mix of other nationalities *cough cough from the north cough* teaching habits are less strict and in some cases, DO NOT EXIST.

This lack of discipline and respect shows:



Children don’t know the value of money. The parents always seem to (somehow) deliver what the children want. I think it’s due to the fact that both parents spend most of the time on work and little time at home. So to compensate for their absence, they buy the children lots of stuff.ex2

EDIT: I noticed that the above comic turned out blurry (at least on my comp it did) here is a link to pic. You can zoom in and out to your liking.

PIC Sources: MTR seats, Restaurant seats and Causeway Bay

THESE KIDS ARE EVERYWHERE. They have some device in their hand all day everywhere. If you tell them to get real and do something, you can literally see them mentally collapse.


With this knowledge, they over-estimate themselves and show off. However in many cases, the above is (sadly) true (Yes, my cousin who is half a year older than me has the same reaction). Due to housemaids in Hong Kong, children are treated as princesses and princes. All of the daily chores are not done by them. In fact, this carries over to older Hong Kongers too. It’s quite a sad thing to see.

I might have been a bit harsh (I haven’t even mentioned the tantrums and swearing!), but this is a common thing I see in Hong Kong kids. I know there are SOME kids out there that completely break this stereotype, but they are very very rare. I do praise the parents and the kids who are still well behaved and well mannered!

Keep an eye out for part 2 =)



Christopher said...

Very Interesting Brian. I thought no one would ever brought up that topic.

Mylifeasacomic said...

;) Haha, but its true!

I think there was a few tv (TVB) programs on this sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Is this based on your generation of kids or the current generation of kids that are 5 to tweens?
My 6 year old cousin is too addictive to my games and my mum's and is obese. This current generation of children (born in the 00's) are just completely spoilt compared to those that are born a decade before.

Mylifeasacomic said...

I'm talking about the current 5-tweens.

I have a bunch of cousins ranging from 4-25, these observations were based off my 3 cousins (aged 4,5 and 12) and many children of friends.

There is a definite difference between them and the older cousins (18+ and around my age). And yes, they are definitely spoilt.

CarmenNguyen said...

Haha... nice topic there. The people there are way too spoilt really. Seriously, even some of the after 90's are. I guess that this generation is just too precious. Somehow.

Mylifeasacomic said...

*nods in agreement* Some of them don't know how well their parents treat them too.

I'd admit i give attitude to my parents.. but its not a 24-7 thing, more like a "OMG- why don't you get me" thing. They have attitude problems all the time. Poor parents.

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