Monday, March 28, 2011

I’m a terrible tutor…


Hey =)

Just a short post, I was supposed to finishing the People post, but a little thing happened along the way and that was postponed. Find out what I did =)

So Carmen’s brother had an exam/quiz tomorrow. He was having difficulty with a question and Carmen asked me to explain it to him. I was fine with that =)

The things in the ** is what i was thinking.



On a serious note, I was kinda scared when I heard trinomials. I haven’t heard of that word for ages… I’ve heard of polynomials… but yea, that swayed me a bit.34

*typo: still* Big sigh of relief when I begin to remember how to do the question and more importantly explain how to do it.


This made me worry. What are teachers teaching these days then? his in year 10! We learnt factorising at the end of year 8!!


We were doing so well up to here. But seriously, why aren’t teachers teaching this? We managed to get to (x+1)(x+2) and some other example, then back to his question:



This also made me worry. Essentially, you don’t need “working” to get factors of such a small number, maybe for 144 you need to (but still even that, you should be able to name a few like 1,2,4,6,8,12…etc). Its just the times tables at this point. I remained calm and thought perhaps he misinterpreted what I said.


Although he did it slower than I anticipated, he was at least right.


While I’d admire his eagerness in learning WHY, I think its sometimes unnecessary… Math is an annoying subject, the more you understand the less it makes sense.

You see, in UNI at the moment, the more I try to understand, the less the things I learnt before made sense. Lesson? You’re either extremely smart, or maths will screw you over. But anyway, I tried to put factorising into “simple terms”. Yea simple for freaking Einstein.


Honestly, I don’t know what came over me, but this just came right out and I thought it was a good idea to use this to explain what was going on. Apparently not.


Seriously, I never learnt my trinomial/polynomials this way in high school. It was definitely a bad idea…

13 *type: we were* And yes, I was explaining this in the worst possible way for a high school student. Even if someone were to say all this to me back in high school, I’d probably blank out. And this a student with no tuition base as well. Poor kid.

But with a reasonable amount of explaining and use of simple examples, its seems he half got (or even completely got what i was saying. He managed to factorise simple trinomials, but with a harder (ac =/= 1) he wasn’t able to do it. 

I explained again, and he said he understood why we are doing things the way I am… he also managed to tell me when he should be using which method!

I sincerely hopes he understood what I said. I was only trying to help, but I think he seems a little more confused. He DID learn to factorise simple trinomials, but from the way i see it, harder ones will be difficult on him. Carmen, please let me know how he goes. I wish him the best, in this exam and the future!

=\ it kind of shows how UNI has changed me (and my friends of course), I’d never thought I’d be able to regurgitate something like this is such a complex way… its just factorising TT^TT what have I become?!!

I kind of got paranoid over this… I’m sure there would have been a simpler way to put it?


=) I really like that picture… it kinda works for all occasions. Let me know what you think, I think I may have gone overboard =(


CarmenNguyen said...

LOL. Sorry for the full crappy stuff from my brother. But afterwards, mum came back from work, and like, I full scolded him, because he isn't meant to not understand a SUBJECT before a next day exam. I mean, that's just wrong.
So like, today I came home from work, and like I found a notification for Maths. And it's due next week. It's only 5.2 and 5.1, but like, last exam, he passed 5.2 by just 50%. Exactly.
So this time, I told him to study his head off. Regardless. He also told me that he's going to ask you something today, but I full told him off. I mean, he can't just ask you whenever he wants. He needs to ask his own friends and teachers. My friends are the last option.

So yea, now here you have an extra long comment!

Mylifeasacomic said...

Well you don't need to tell him off :p

I'd agree its wrong to not know a subject a day before a quiz/exam (Like even and typical Uni students... we actually know a far bit despite the fact we cram).

Your also right that he should be asking me. Not that I don't like to help, its just that its usually better for him to be working with friends. Him and his friends are working at the same pace, and have "a way" of doing things.

My way might not be suitable for him, its always best to be working with someone who has a similar knowledge base to yourself :) Or at least someone that learnt it the same way as yourself.

Don't tell him off so much, just let him know its important he should know this stuff (yea... that kinda turns into telling off XD). In fact its not important. HE SHOULD KNOW THIS STUFF OFF BY HEART BY NOW.

YAY long comment!

Mylifeasacomic said...

In fact thats a good thing you mentioned... why is he asking me?

I'm sure (at least) one of his friends understand this. Rea used to call me on a daily basis for homework questions ._.

CarmenNguyen said...

Telling me man... He is honestly... I don't know, he says his friends are never online, and he never checks before he asks you.

Christopher said...

Doesn't he have a textbook to refer to?

Mylifeasacomic said...

@Carmen: Weird, I dunno why he'll ask me :| I mean doesn't he talk to kevin alot online?


He did bring up that the way i taught him was different to the way his textbook taught him.

But he brought this up halfway through my explanation... Seeing he didn't understand what was going on, I told him to try to learn my way first, then at least he'll be able to do some of the questions.

But sometimes, textbook just confuse you more when you don't get a thing...

CarmenNguyen said...

He does speak to Kevin a lot. But Anson is never online to look himself. I had to force him to ask someone, and I mean, force. And even that, he just slowly got up, from his game. I swear, I wished I can ground him for a month just for doing that.

Mylifeasacomic said...

^^ I should be available tomorrow to have a word with him :)

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