Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is THAT English?


So the other day this REALLY awkward thing happened…

I was at Uni in a group meeting. There was 3 local Aussies, one Asian and me. I don’t know why, but there tends to be this “Asians stick with Asians, locals stick with locals” thing. I honestly don’t get along well with Internationals that well.

I have a major problem communicating with them cause they have a habit of just ASSUMING I know how to speak Mandarin… So anyway, the locals were talking and doing their thing, Asian was speaking to me:

mandarin awkward

I wasn’t purposely being rude or anything, but his accent was SO think that it just sounded like Mandarin.

It was SO AWKWARD after I said that… I don’t even remember how I steered the conversation away from this…

^^” This was just a quick post, I’ve had a busy weekend (check out Carmen’s blog for pics of us parting ASIAN STYLE). Asian parties consist of LAN games and eating cake with chopsticks. “Fun” is a very broad term =P

I’d also like to add that the HK series are indeed done, just lacking the comics at this point, so it should be up next week. Also, sorry to the twins, I STILL haven’t done your drawings =( But be sure to check back soon, I’m still sticking to the minimum of one post a week.

In the meantime, try making an awkward comment below, let’s see how awkward this gets. I DARE YOU.



Christopher said...

not an awkward comment, but maybe the way you look assume your an international student?

Mylifeasacomic said...

:) I dunno, but some internationals actually ask me if i can speak mandarin before we do group work.

I think its a good idea, it helps get rid of misunderstandings.

CarmenNguyen said...

Telling me man.. The other day at table tennis (at another place), this mando woman, is like trying to teach me how to improve my spins. And she was full speaking fast mando. And I mean, fast. And basically, I didn't have a single chance to understand what she was saying. And the only thing I was going from was her spins, and how she does them.

So, I just told my uncle to say to her at the end, that I didn't understand her, but just thank her for showing me something useful. Lol

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