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HOW TO: Dropbox =) Free 250mb for you!



Have you got dropbox? Read on, I’ll help you get set up! Use my referral link and we BOTH get a free 250mb. If you share your link with other people, you can get as much 8GB!!

I’ve always knew dropbox existed, I knew what it was, but just kept putting off installing and setting up. So now that I’ve got it set up, I’d like to share the process. First off press the picture below to get started at the dropbox website.


Initially, you get 2GB free storage, but you can share a referral link like I did to your friends, you get 250mb/person up to 8GB. You can set up dropbox on a few different devices: Your main desktop/laptop, a mobile device and even a USB! I’ll cover each device:

Desktop/laptop (PC):

Dropbox on a PC is VERY elegant and seamless, dropbox basically installs its required files and at the end, all you get is a dropbox folder on your computer. It acts just like any folder on your computer, but it is synch to everything else that has dropbox installed. For example, I have my dropbox folder shortcutted (I made that word up) on my desktop:


If I drag and drop ANYTHING into this folder, it will sync automatically and show up on the dropbox folder on every other device. Similarly, all changes to the stuff inside will be changed or saved, that included saving of documents. Are you curious to find out what my “Nexus one” and “galaxy tab” do? They wirelessly link to my devices =) I can click them and I’ll be able to manage my files on these devices on the desktop computer (drag and drop files etc)


When a file or folder is synced, it will have a green tick icon next to it. If it’s sycning it will have a blue moving arrow icon

If you don’t want to install dropbox onto your PC, or don’t have permission (like when you’re on someone else’s computer) you can just log into and access your files there. Or, you can follow the next steps on getting Dropbox on your USB.


Dropbox is NOT officially installable on a USB, the following procedure I’m going to describe is not support by Dropbox, its made by a 3rd party developer. I’ve lost the link from where I downloaded this from, but I’m sure the credits are in the download below (click the pic)


Once you’ve downloaded that, extract it and run the .exe file, it will prompt you for your dropbox details, just fill it in and your good to go!


So here is your USB (my usb has its own icon! =D) click on it and you should see this:


Everything you put in the “Dropbox” folder will be synced to your account.

I know you might wonder what the point of this is, you can just as easily access your files on the website right? Well the good thing about having it on your usb is that if you were doing work and saved it on a USB, it will sync to your work at home. That means you won’t have fragments of work lying around and your USB will always be up to date.

One thing to point out though, if your on a newer version of windows (vista or 7) the program doesn’t run itself when to plug in your USB, XP should run the program itself. You’ll need to manually click on the application to get it started if your on a newer comp.

Mobile devices

Major platforms like Ios and android have dropbox available on their appstore/market. Follow the pics =) Click the apple pic for Ios dropbox and the cute cuddly android for android dropbox!


^^ I’m not too familar with how it works on Ios, but on android, your prompted for your details (as usual) then sync starts. I don’t have screenshots… but they are pretty similar to the above sets

One thing to note though, Dropbox DOES NOT automatically download the files for you. You will be able to see them, but you need to download them manually. Once downloaded, you can view your docs offline.

I think its done this way to reduce battery use and data usage… wish they added an option to auto-download. I’ve forgot to download my docs so many times for UNI.

So there’s a short run down for you. I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try, I’ve found dropbox to be very useful because I now put all my UNI docs on there and if i manage to forget to bring my USB AND download my docs the night before, I can still find my files online.

That’s about it for my short HOWTO, questions?



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