Sunday, April 17, 2011

I’ve lost motivation :(



Loss of motivation… upcoming holidays to blame? READ ON

So recently, I’ve noticed I’ve become very unmotivated and lethargic. Don’t get me wrong, I still do my assessments on time and stuff. In fact I think I’ve managed myself pretty well so far for this semester, I got some reports done a few days (even a week) before the report was due! In general, I’m doing pretty well so far. But still:


But all this has become to boring, its just the same process over and over again:

Assignment/Quiz/report announced, WHINGE:


Procrastination PHASE 1:




Procrastination PHASE 2:


Urrrggggg, I made another typo (why is it always my GIFs?!) its supposed to say “Reports and quizzes CAN wait…”

Realisation PHASE 2:

procrastination 2



Warp speed typing (verb):

A style of typing adopted by UNI students when they notice an assignment is due within 24 hours. Scientific evidence shows that during “warp speed typing”, UNI students are able to type 300% faster than normal and also 259.67376% more accurately.

Warp speed typing is also referred to as “Keyboard smashing” 



I know all UNI students (in fact probably everyone now) does this… But hey its a process that works. But when you’ve done this lots of lots of times. it get really boring and frustrating. I mean it makes me feel like I have no life.

Sure we have weekends, but what’s the fun in that when you have a report due first thing Monday? Or if you have group work (OMFG group work) and no-one is willing to make a start (basically happening to me as we speak)

You’ll probably be all like:


Well, *LIKE* I said earlier, I have been working pretty efficiently this sem and it has shown good results! I definitely suggest everyone just start working on any assessment as early as possible =) makes a hell of a difference. I mean for a report, get it done up to results or something, then you’ll be rushing half a report rather than all of it later on.

I’ve been going well, and I’m happy with my results (most of the time) But then… the most discouraging part? I have a lecturer who’s like this:


Yea, he is like that. Maybe with slight exaggeration, but I’m not far off. I understand taking marks off for not righting units, but he gives *Zeros*. Again, I see why he would do that, because 10m and 10mm is a huge difference, I understand.

I didn’t make those mistakes. In fact, I still think I’m right where he took marks off me. So the question asked: “what sign and magnitudes are the shear force and bending moment”. We were given 4 boxes to answer in. So I thought, he wants me to right positive or negative (“what sign”) and a number (“what magnitude”) for both numbers. Which would fit all 4 boxes.

The answer I had in my working was –9kn and –22.5knm, so in the boxes, I wrote NEGATIVE 9kn and NEGATIVE 22.5knm. The answer was –9kn and –22.5knm. What did I get out of 2 for that question? ZERO. My interpretation of “ZERO” is either, you didn’t answer the question (blank), or “YOU’RE RETARDED”. Since I didn’t leave it blank, I took it as “YOU’RE RETARDED”

So i spoke to the lecturer and he said we should have answered it as just –9kn and –22.5knm, he ended giving me 0.5/2 for that. But still, that is a fail. And you know what's even more annoying? that was the only question I got wrong. Meaning I FOR NO REASON, missed out on full marks because of this.

And this isn’t a one off case, I also got an assignment back which AGAIN I just lost one mark to get full marks. WHY? because "your line is not smooth enough”. I DREW THE THING TO FREAKING SCALE, and it WAS SMOOTH. Does he use microscopes to see if lines are straight? “OH its off by one micron, FAIL!”

His sent us emails about why his marking so strictly, basically he wants us to know this makes us work at higher standards and such, but in my cases, I feel his just making a big fuss.

That said, I’m still doing pretty good in that subject. I just hope he’ll stop being such a big fuss. I have one word for you dear lecturer:



I’m so over getting annoyed. I’ll just keep blogging with my warp speed typing. Stay tuned =) Bye!


Christopher said...

If you feel like your motivation isn't what it use to be, try to think of your goals.

Mylifeasacomic said...

Well I'm not unmotivated to the point I want to say drop out and climb a mountain (yet XD)... I still work properly, it's just its all a very tedious and boring process.

I'm sure I'll be fine after a holiday!

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