Tuesday, May 31, 2011




I horn spammed someone today… I was completely nice for the first two errors this person made, but seriously, if you made *3* mistake in the brief time I’m behind you: GET OFF THE ROAD.

First off, I’d say I’m a pretty sensible driver. I’m pretty collected and won’t chuck a fit if someone merges in front of me abruptly. But patience has a limit, and when I see drivers like the ones today, I seriously doubt the credibility of that driver’s license.

So I was driving to Ikea from yum cha, its was a bit congested today, so driving wasn’t “fun” already. But hey, its no biggy cause the traffic flow wasn’t so bad that we weren’t moving. We were just moving at a VERY SLOW PACE. So enter the retarded driver:

Real pity, I actually like the Honda jazz. So it was a bright yellow, which was also my favourite colour for that car. At first, you couldn’t really say much about the driver, cause we were travelling at such slow speed. As we drove further away, we picked up pace and there were less cars. Then this happen:

Why are you breaking for no apparent reason? there isn’t a car in front of you for a whole intersection… So i kept a larger distance away from the retard, considering he might do this:


(FAMILY GUY! =D) or this:


We then reached a rather long winding road, every driver at this point had picked up pace and were travelling at 60km/h on straights and maybe 40km/h around the bends. A birds eye view of the road:


We were travelling from right to left on The Seven ways and reached the last turn, which was relatively sharp compared to the rest. Although sharp, I’d say your speed shouldn’t drop too much at this point. But then the retard abruptly stopped. Halfway in the turn. Apparently, a car in front of him stopped for no apparent reason (what is with all the dumb asses?!!). Consequently, I had to come to a sudden stop too. I couldn’t find a reason to why they had stopped, there were no hazards, the light was green and there were no cars in from of the car in front of retard.

Carry on… just a little hold up. I wasn’t frustrated at this point, just a little annoyed at the person stopping a perfect flow of traffic. So now only the retard was in front of me. We hit a one lane street and a fat woman decided to storm from the other side of the street to this side:

fat woman

(Ok, I might have exaggerated her size a bit) Thing is, she made a stop at the middle island to wait for our wave of cars to go by. I saw her stop from before crossing the intersection. What does the retard do? He decides to brake from 60km/h to let the lady cross:


(Excuse the dodgey photoshop, the original pic was small and changing the car colour made it look ugly)

WTF?! She stopped to let us cross, there were no crossing lights and no pedestrian crossing. Again, his stop was completely unexpected resulting in me unexpectedly stopping and the car behind me to stop suddenly. I'm glad no one hit the back of me! At this point, I was already VERY FRUSTRATED at this driver. but seeing its his “second” time pissing me off, I didn’t do much. Just mumbled to myself. i was really hoping this retard would move aside somewhere or turn into a street (it was all one lane so far)

So we continue driving… we come to an intersection where we need to turn right. Retard was third in line to turn, I was right behind him:


The light turns green, the first 2 cars turn…Retards moves forward then stops at the line while the lights are still green:




He was still slow to respond to my beeping. My remedy? horn spamming. I beeped him all the way from the lights, the whole turn and about half a street. It just pisses me off! If your not going to drive properly GTFO the road. Your holding people up! Not only are you holding us up, but your SHIT ASS DRIVING is putting lives at risk. Your reaction:


No, seriously, its REALLY FRUSTRATING. The retard didn’t have L’s or P’s meaning his on full license. YOU’VE BEEN DRIVING FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS. How can you possibly make so many errors in such a short time frame?!

Honestly, if this was a L plater or P plater, it would be slightly more acceptable. But a full license? How is that possible?!?!?


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