Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RIP Grandma

Grandma passed away last month (25-04-2011). While I wasn’t there for her last moments, I hope she rests in piece. She will always be remembered =(. Yes there is a READ ON…

As a grandchild, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her. One main reason is that we live in different hemi-spheres, the other, when I travel back to Hong Kong, there is just a lot going on. Numerous people ask you to spend time with them etc etc. Consequently, my time with her is short lived.

I remember she visited us once in Australia (she might have visited more, but I only remember one time). I was young maybe a bit less than 10 years old, my other grandma (from Mum’s side) also visited around the same time. My mum asked me:

It was a silly and childish response, sure, I knew medicine is for curing sickness, but I never thought at my age, that it was medicine used to keep her alive. That said, her health was never good, each and everytime I visit her, she would seem a little less “vibrant”, but she was still the same grandma I knew.

Once, we got a phone call from Hong Kong saying she was very sick and wasn’t going to make it. This was around 6 years ago when i was in year 8. Dad and I booked the earliest flight back to Hong Kong that day. She was indeed very ill, very light breathed and very tired. I stood there with my some silent and some weeping relatives as she was “dying”:

I didn’t know how to respond. Was i supposed to cry as well? Funny thing happened though, my Dad decided to pull out his phone and show my grandma a video of my brother saying something like: “come play with me”:

Miraculously, her sleepy eyes opened wide and her once worn and tired breathing seemed to be slightly stronger. It seemed that we had just waken her up and she was fine afterwards. Even more surprising was the fact that she lived strongly for another 6-7 years till now.

My last visit was from end of last year to the beginning of this year. She was sent to hospital once during my visit. Apparently, there was some fluid build up in her lungs and she couldn’t breath during her sleep. that said, she recovered pretty quickly that time. She was able to have a family dinner with us at the end of our visit.

Little did I know it was the last dinner I was having with her. As usual, the parting words to me were: “Study hard, I hope to see you graduate soon. Come back sometime and have yum cha with me”. I was actually planning to take her to yum cha with the money I earn from my first proper job after graduation. Guess that’s not happening.

When I heard about her leaving, I wasn’t really too sad. I’m definitely not as attached to her as my other grandma, but there’s still a good bond between us. But the thought of not seeing her watch TV when i enter her house… is a bit unusual and leaves me feeling empty.

I haven’t had a close relative pass away before… and I’m a bit sad that I won’t be able to be at her funeral. Dad will be travelling back to HK for the funeral and I hope all goes well. RIP grandma.


I actually have some nicer, newer white roses folded up, but they don’t have stems or leaves yet, so I’ll have to make do with a older image. I’ll have the newer roses uploaded for the day of the funeral…


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