Friday, June 10, 2011

Its June, where are the posts?


mmmm hmmm, I’m studying for exams again. but I’ll slip in a post JUST BECAUSE I CARE!

How’s it going? Its Stuvac (well actually its the last day of stuvac for me) and I’ve been studying. I don’t quite think I used the time well, but I can’t say I didn’t study…. ahhhhh, you know what I mean!

Hehe, so here’s what my study stuff look like:


I'm studying at my desktop, which ironically has a smaller work area than my own desk upstairs, but my own laptop has a small screen and makes pdf reading harder (can’t have 2 open side by side… too small)

On the bright side, I’m pretty sure I’ve already passed one of my subjects, It doesn't have final exam, and I’ve got good marks pretty consistently

Here’s a quick pic I drew for you guys:


And here’s a few pics of angry bird plushies I took when walking around!:


Colourful =D… well back to studying then. I’ll try posting more later. No comment pic, too busy. If you don’t comment I’ll throw a red bird at you while making a “sqwuaarrrkkk” sound. Your pick =P


Carmen Nguyen said...

I'm scared!! And good luck in exams!

Christopher said...

Sounds like your satisfied so far with this semester? When do you finish?

Mylifeasacomic said...

@Carmen: Thanks :D

@Chris: I guess so :p I'd need to see how the finals go. My last day/exam is the 21st of June :)

Carmen Nguyen said...

Yea, you've finished exams, where are the posts?

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