Friday, July 1, 2011

Finishing your exams: PARANOIA


Well, I finally finished my exams… How confident are you with your exams?

Hey!! How are you all doing?

I’ve finally finished all my exams and after a few days of procrastinating (EDIT: Weeks), I’ve decided to update you all! I know I haven’t drawn much lately, but this post should make up for it! Such a pity that June (my Bday month) has had so little posts =(

Anyway, by now most of us have finished (or almost finished) our exams and Semester 1. How did you think you went? I get into self conflict thinking about my exams… And it worries me! i did 4 subjects this semester, 3 of which have final exams. Let me go through each of my subjects (without names… otherwise people will know I’m talking about them XD!!)

Subject 1

This subject didn’t have a final exam, it had two major quizzes and a lot of group work. But, the requirements to passing the subject was to get a minimum weighted average of 50% for BOTH the quizzes and the group work. Meaning if I got 70% for group work and 40% for quizzes, this does not average out to be 55% (pass).

The first quiz, I missed JUST missed the 50% mark, getting a 48.5% =( While its not a bad fail (not like a 20%), it put significant amount of stress on me to get a minimum 51.5% next time. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into the group work, it would be devastating and wanton work if I just failed the second quiz.

No, seriously, I’m going to blog about the group work on this group later on. In general, the people are efficient workers, we get good marks, but I can’t get over the fact that one team member is extremely bias, unfair and a little too “straight” for my liking. Having said that I could not fail the second quiz. I’d literally get so depressed and probably suicidal if I failed that second quiz. There is no way I’m letting my time go to waste for ONE quiz.

So I got serious:


For three days straight, I hid in libraries and computer labs studying for the second quiz… each day spending around 6 hours at uni and a bit more at home. You’d be glad to hear that the second quiz, I passed and got 79%, which is above the average! This means (if I’m correct) that I’ve already passed this subject! But the amount of tension and anxiety I faced when looking through the list of SIDs for my mark was just tremendous:


It felt like something was clenching at your chest. You want to know your mark, but you didn’t want to know you failed. Its a hard feeling to describe. But its definitely the worst I've felt. I managed to finish the whole second quiz, but my answers just didn’t seem right. They were obsessively large and unrealistic. I would think that lecturers would make answers realistic… but sometimes they don’t! So I was a little paranoid about my results

Subject 2

This subject was ok. I was doing alright for the quizzes and assignment. Not spectacular, but not bad in any respect. I’d usually hover a mark or two above the average. I was pretty confident with this subject, but seeing it was “easier” and less strictly marked than subject 4, I gave it less attention (not meaning I didn’t pay attention to it at all)

It was also subject I had final exams for first. So in general, I can say I gave it the most time for study during stuvac (I also aimed for that 18hours of study for this, should be around that). I memorised heaps, did many calculations… but all this was a real waste as the lecturer decided not to put up past paper answers. The best thing we could do was share our worked answers on the discussion board.

On the day of the exam, I was pretty confident with the material. I wasn’t able to confidently answer one question (i.e I guess and made something up) but the other answers seemed fine. Looking back, I made a few silly mistakes, but in general nothing too bad. I’m just a bit worried because my answers were unrealistic (just like the 2nd quiz of subject 1)… I triple check the question and my working and I was sure I didn’t make a mistake.



HAHA, no that wasn’t directed at anyone, “Crack” is actually the critical crack length we need to work out. All I can do is hope for the best. While a part of me says I’ve done the best I could, another part keeps thinking of all the places I could have gone wrong.

Subject 3

Then there’s this Maths subject. I’ve never excelled at maths… Always lingering in the top quarter in high school (which in Asian standards is pretty meh.) Maths in uni is just horrible. It’s too abstract, too specific and its just too picky.

The final exam for this was placed right after subject 2. I spent much less time on this subject, but I was kind of confident going into the exam… This is me going into the exam:


And this is me coming out of the exam:


I don’t think I did so well for this subject. There were two parts to this exam. I think I did OK for one half, but absolutely crap for the other. In total, I don’t think it would pull a pass… So if I were to say which subject I’d fail. I would be this one. =( Its a sad realisation, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Subject 4

We had a very strict lecturer for this subject. He made the biggest fuss about the smallest things in quizzes and assignments. If your line isn’t straight enough, you lose marks, if you write things in a different format you lose marks… that kind of strict.

But even though he was a strict marker, I managed to do pretty good for quizzes and assignments… I didn’t suffer those brutal zeros he gives out all too often:


In general, I think this was the subject i was most confident with. I knew what was going on, I wouldn’t be thrown off track if he introduced some newer material. It was the subject I didn’t hate =) Having said that, I spent a good 3 days doing the past papers on this subject. It got the attention it deserved and well its probably the best subject I did in.

The final exam went down alright, I didn’t manage to finish (missed like 2-3 small question) but I think I did pretty well for the parts i actually did. I didn’t seem to make any calculation errors, but I didn’t have time to go back and double check (I kind of just made small check along the way). There was nothing in this exam that caught me off guard, I could do the questions and I didn’t guess anything, so it should be good.

I’m actually expecting to do well (at least pass it!) for this subject. If I were to fail it, I’d be pretty surprised! Me after the exam:


So how were your exams/semester? I hope it all went well.

I moved away from the templates, they were too “static”. I can’t make my characters sit, walk and be in other places rather than standing in one place. So now I’m actually drawing on my tablet (once again). It may be some time before I can do animated pics again cause I’m using new software. I’m using GIMP instead of PS cause I was lazy to install it. What do you think?

Leave me a comment! I’m just going to finish drawing for another post (LOL the long dead HK posts) and then renovate the blog. Its not Autumn anymore.



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