Monday, July 4, 2011

Hong Kong: THE FOOD (YUM)



When travelling, I really like eating local food (Not just food from HK) its a great insight into the local’s daily lives! Read on for some pics of food from HK and Macau


Yea, these “HK series” is very spread out and… out of date XD its like half a year ago! But anyway, I promised to finish this series off and I’d do my best! So first off, I have pics of food from a few places in different styles: Local HK, Westernised HK, Older/traditional HK and Macau.

Local HK food

I visit HK on 2 year basis normally and luckily, my favourite stores and food USUALLY still exist… Some famous “iconic” HK food would be:

Egg tart + Milk tea =)

hot milk tea + egg tart

I unfortunately didn’t take this myself, pic from here. In fact this site is pretty cool

A simple delicacy, but there’s been many variations. Still I like the classic “puff pastry side” most (none of that cookie base non-sense!). I’m not a milk-tea expert, but I know if a milk tea is good or crap by the very least =)

Wonton noodles (and other noodles)

Wonton noodle. Not taken by me… =( found here. I really like the noodles from the shop opposite Golden comp centre in Sham shui po!

Some pics taken by me, Noodle shop at Aberdeen!… Randomly:


Fish ball and Fish cake(?) and thick noodles


Cuttlefish ball and thick noodles =)


Fish skin wonton and noodles (I had this! Mine! YUM)

Honestly, there are heaps of things you can have with noodles, there is bound to be one right for you =) Just a small hint, I found the Chiu Chou still noodles to be most DELICOUS… *Drool*

Local fast food stores

There are a variety of fast food stores in Hong kong. To name some: Fairwood, Cafe De coral, Maxim… they all serve up local snacks and meals. Look them up, quite cool.

Westernised HK food

There are some restaurants and cafe with good history that serve up western food. A good example are cafes called “花園餐廳“. They serve up steak and stuff, but its done with HK flair… Not exactly the same and its tweaked for the liking of the locals



There are many hotels that do lunch buffets too. Some specifically do dessert buffets, others the whole thing. They are also western styled, with SOME local food, but no where near the real deal =) I had some Froyo and was instantly addicted to that stuff!


You got to add your own sprinkles or even choose between normal or chocolate yogurt =) This was at Excelsior hotel

Older/Traditional HK food

A nice place to experience older, calmer and simple life is at those HK islands. We went to Lantau Island to visit Tai O. This island is accessible by either Ferry or by MTR, after that, you’d need to take a bus to get there.

Totally worth going there though, you see local produce made (many sun dried products, many of which are seafood based). The locals are really nice, some of them even give directions without you asking. Do note though, one of the “nice” locals lead us to a dead end, but you can tell he was just trying to help.

Many of the restaurants there actually cook with the local produce, this means there are some unique foods which are hard to find outside. We had some (pics are out of focus… Taken by one of my parents, can’t remember who though):


Deep fried oysters. YOU MUST put some of that salt, that salt is delicious!


Prawn paste steamed with pork. I was pretty disappointed by this, prawn paste is supposed to be salty, but this ended up being more sweet then salty =(


Mixed vegies with “SUPREME” soup. LOL it was nice, the veges were noticeably FRESH.


Fried rice… Nothing special here. Their soup was nice, didn’t get a pic of that though.


My dad always insisted the food there was nicer and tastier. I dunno, I didn’t stay long enough to make any judgements. For those who aren’t aware, Macau was once under Portugal and the influence there is visible. Here’s some “Macanese” food we had at 少飛象:


Stewed OX tongue. GOD, for parents that used to be into photograph, they need to learn how to focus!


Grilled cuttlefish, that dip is surprisingly zestly and fresh! Goes well with the cuttlefish


Baked mussels… Wish there were more to go round. They were tasty!


Portuguese chicken. Let’s say I wasn’t disappointed. I like creamy stuff… So you might be all YOU BIAS XD

Moving away from the Portuguese influenced foods, there are some nice HK food too:


Ummm what are these called? Steamed Egg desserts? The white one is egg white + milk, the yellow one is just egg with milk. You can get things on top of these, like red bean for example. But I like my stuff plain. This dessert is available cold or hot, I prefer hot because when its chilled, it loses the milky and egg taste. It warms you up quite well as well.

That’s about it from me. Just an overview of the places we went to for food. I did miss SOME places, but these were the places worth mentioning! No drawings for these, not really applicable anyway.

So while I’m in blogging mode, I’d really need to tidy up the place and finish off the remaining posts. See you round! COMMENTS? From a plane =D



Carmen Nguyen said...

Oh... Yummy! I love the egg-tarts.. Mmmm... But the mussels are pretty easy to make though. Just get a mussel and put bacon and cheese on top (That's how we make it at home)

Mylifeasacomic said...

Nah, sometimes is down to the ingredients... they just taster different!

Anonymous said...

your food analysis of hong kong does not cover most foods there. Westernised HK foods are usually KFC/McDonalds/Pizza Hut and maybe some cuisines in either upper class places at TST or in HK island.
There's also the usual Spam and Eggs noodles/rice for breakfast and for older and more traditional foods there's congee. Also you forgot Macau's most famous food- Portuguese Egg tarts

Mylifeasacomic said...

@Anon: I know I missed quite a lot (in fact I'm surprised I missed congee. I love that stuff), but these were the foods I had while overseas.

I wanted to cover foods *I* ate myself :p but thanks for noting that... I might do another post to cover more (we'll see).

Thanks again though :)

Anonymous said...

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