Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hong Kong: The people (PART 2)



I’d assume you’ve been waiting to hear about the adults? READ ON =D

So a while back, I talked about those little pesky kids in Hong Kong (2 posts back I thinks). I’d say that the parents play a big role in shaping a child's attitude and personality. If you remember in part one.I had a very strict and over protective mum:


And its not uncommon to see people around my age have similar parents. In general, I’d say this gen of parents still put in time and effort into teaching their kids proper manners and good habits. However, when you start seeing kids that do this:


Pic from here

Or this:

Yea, its a condom ad, but hey its still relevant!

(I’ve always wanted to share that video XD)

You’ll notice that the parent’s aren’t doing their part in teaching a kid properly. As mentioned last time, there are a large amount of maids and housekeepers in Hong Kong. The parents are usually out working and have very little time at home. When they DO have the time at home, they would relax and do their own thing:


Chairs from here and here

I understand its been a long day and its tiring, but its your RESPONSIBILTY to teach your kid. Parent’s of older gens juggle work and teaching time: If they can do it, I don’t see why you can’t. These are your kids, not your maids kids. If you want them to respect you, care for you, you have to spend time with time, NOT BUY THEM ANYTHING THEY ASK. Go shopping together, go to a park or something. Sadly, even these “family activities” aren’t that social:


If your going somewhere, please ditch your gadgets and reading material. I get answering phone calls, but playing on your phone during a family gathering, that’s bad. Letting your kid do the same is WORSE. Also, if both parents DO decide to play with their phones (not that I’m encouraging it), please take turns in actually looking after your kid. THIS DOES NOT COUNT AS LOOKING AFTER YOUR KID:


Well here’s a small tip from me (I didn’t colour it in because I think it look pretty nice as-is):

beter luck

Obviously, its simple to just say “stop that now… etc etc”. But, you have to make sure it works! If it has no effect the first time, try again till it works. You can’t just say something and expect it to magically work. That’s called magic, and last time I checked, it doesn’t exist.

But while I’ve been ranting about these parents, there are some positive aspects to them. They only work so hard because they aim to get the best for their kids. It’s a competitive and challenging place in Hong Kong, so its understandable that sometimes, you’ll like some “me time”. But please keep your lives and family balanced. Again, there are some good parents out there, but like mentioned, they are rare. They exist and I praise them for raising good kids =)

Now that the people are out of the way, the next post about Hong Kong will be about transport (its technically the part 2 to the places post) =) then the food… never thought I’d have a total of 5 posts, I was only planning 3 =S

Anyway, keep an eye out =) Drawing on the tablet is actually much faster than copy and pasting templates… I might work on that part.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of lifestyle you would have if you weren't a goodie goodie towards your parents. Would you be like one of those typical children growing up in HK?

Mylifeasacomic said...

Good question, but even if I wasn't a goodie goodie, Mum is strict by nature... so I don't think I would have been too different.

Sure I could be a bit more rebellious, but my personality isn't quite like that :p

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