Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take care :)

Carmen is going overseas, and she wanted a nomster to accompany her. Here's a blue one I made, hope she takes care of it... and she takes care on her trip!!

My laptop is progressively getting worse, now even the wireless is acting iffy :(

I should have it fixed during my midsem!  This was posted from my phone, just wanted to try the blogger app  Amazing!! EDIT: Have edited on the computer, the picture was placed at the end. I feel really bad that the quality of posts is slipping :( But I seriously will try getting it up to scratch!! >O


Carmen Nguyen said...

I have 2 babies coming with me this time!! I have a purple spider and a nomster XD

Mylifeasacomic said...

Pics of the purple spideR?

Carmen Nguyen said...

Coming soon!! I've got so much to catch-up with everyone... RICE, Dragonboat Racing, and now even Mid-Autumn! I better do it quick, otherwise, It's going to be so upsetting... quite literally after I come back from HK! and then, next holidays..

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