Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello October!! This is an actual post. READ ME.


Hey all,

So after being absent for a long long time, I’ve finally managed to fix my tablet and get a post done. Took longer than I hoped (wanted it to slot into September), but at least everything is working fine now… I’ve been very happy with my fixed tablet, its so far replace me having to draw on my sketchpad all the time… Read on?

I draw lots of random stuff in my sketchpad, drawings of cars, little people, anything in general. So it’s not uncommon for me to just curl up and draw for hours on end. I might not be a fantastic drawer, but I enjoy scribbling everywhere =P Just gets those creativity juices going.

Thing is now with my tablet fixed, my brother just keeps bugging me. He hovers behind me, pokes his head over all the time and its quite annoying.


I don’t really know what's so entertaining about watching me draw… but its quite distracting having someone just hovering around you when you’re concentrating. I try not to be mean and I tell him to move away most of the time, because in some instances, its nearly impossible to catch a glimpse of what I’m drawing… e.g when I’m leaning against a wall, he STILL tries to poke his head in so he gets a nice view… which usually means his face is infront of mine and I can’t see what I’m doing. Attempting to not sound mean, I make it clear:


It’s kinda like having a sales rep who walks around you BUT DOESN’T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING. I mean, I’d much rather you ask me if I need help, I’ll say no, and we’ll be off our merry ways to do our thing… BUT NO, they’d much rather just hover around like some ghost… even worse, its like FEELING a ghost, but not seeing them


Not just drawing really, he tends to hover behind me when I’m using anything. But then he kind of makes me feel bad for being so… Paranoid? Erratic? Over sensitive? It makes me seem like I’ve turned into a maniac doing my own thing:


I dunno, I probably just prefer to be left alone when I’m concentrating. What about you? Do you like having people hover around you when doing something? Or are you a loner person like me? let me know and please comment! I haven’t done a proper blog post in some time, let me know if I’ve let you down anywhere.



Christopher Tan said...

Your blog still going. I think I prefer alone for better concentration. People around are better for something like brainstorming.

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